Thursday, June 08, 2017

Living with Gusto- Spring Fun

Library Storytime. We go every Tues, and then hit the park with friends.

Sophie's science project 

Backyard Fun
Boys put on a couple of shows, requiring the tickets they provided, made from cardboard boxes they cut up. Cute, enthusiastic boys.
Babysitting the twins
Logan played until he dropped. On top of a suitcase in front of the refrigerator. Haha!
Reading books

Family Home Evening
Washing Windows with our new window washing kit
Trying to make friends with the new neighbors.
Breakfast with Dad 
Two girls camps for Sophia (NB 1 and NB 2)
Working hard, trying to help dad fill in his sprinkler trenches.
One of Ethan's talents... creating fun and activities out of everyday objects. Today's challenge: a kid plate mountain 

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