Monday, October 09, 2017

Debit card time!! 💳

Priesthood session


Firemen 🚒 at preschool

Uncle Vaughn

Torchy’s Tacos with Uncle Vaughn! Glad he made time for us this trip! He came down to see the house,
but since kids were in school, we went up to Austin to meet for dinner. Such a pleasant night!

Sunday, October 01, 2017

New a traditions- Half Birthday Fun

Sophie started a new tradition in our family. She was insistent... Celebrating half birthdays with half a cake! 😂😂 We happily went along with her fun idea, because who doesn't like another reason for a celebration?



Adam's Baby Blessing










Favorite old pictures

I had theis pic in a frame for years. Over time it got stuck to the glass. Before I ruined the picture, I snapped this ...

Swim Team 2016


Studio-C Tour


Kenya's Farm


Mom's Birthday

Photos compliments of one of the kids...

Utah or Bust 2017

Starting the trip out right... Krispy Kreme! The hot and ready light was on, and pulled us in. My kids are such great travelers. We only stopped 3 times, combining food, gas and potty all in one. We made it to Colorado in less than 16 hours. Porter was a super helpful copilot, keeping a watchful eye out for trouble and helping me stay awake. We were able to leave two days early, because the boys came home early from scout camp. I got a text on Friday night on the way to swim team that Porter and Doug were in their way home and would be home by midnight. So we turned around, packed in four hours, told swim team we would be skipping the swim meet the next day. We left at 7 in the morning and got to Colorado by 10. It was awesome to have two extra days on our trip. It make the trip seem more worth it.

Big Kid Date- Beajeaus Pizza

We had been waiting 3 years to get back to Beaujeaus for some truly authentic thick chewy crusty Colorado pizza. Delish! But the best part was the company. It was so nice to enjoy my big kids, to be able to listen and laugh and enjoy their awesome senses of humor. Love my kiddos!

Colorado Cousin Time