Saturday, December 31, 2016

Girls Day

We grabbed lunch and meant to go to the outlets... however, we stopped by the bridge and got sucked into enjoying the peaceful calm of the river and never made it shopping. We tried to go to then new stores in Gruene but most were closed for New Year's Eve. The fancy popcorn place was open though. Then we went home, made dinner for someone who just had a baby. We were going to watch a movie, but ended up chatting. Doug had big kids at youth party.

Look at this tiny turtle. Sophie and Julianna named it Gladys. 

We took Julianna to Landa Park before church on Sunday. We fed the ducks and walked around. Such a pretty place.

 Pics from youth New Year's Eve party... the caption? How does Porter do it? 

Friday, December 30, 2016

Riverwalk Christmas Lights

Julianna came to visit. We hit Torchys, the Riverwalk, and ice cream.

Camping Lake Houston

Thursday, December 29, 2016


Porter is working on his Citizenship in the Community merit badge. He has to log 8 hours of service for the same organization. We went and helped at one of the houses.



Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Break Fun

We met Dad for lunch, then hit the river park on the way home. The kids played horseshoes and on the toys. Then we moved to the river, where they waded (it was 80 degrees!) baby ended up going all the way in! lol! A family shares their minnows, kids collected shells. Reinforced our belief that we live in a great town!


Logan missed his nap and played till he dropped. Kids snapped the pic cause they thought it was so hilarious.


Kids wanted a hot dog roast and s'mores in the back yard. It was actually totally fun. Nice to enjoy the great weather before cold front hits tomorrow!

 polar bear plunge
 a few pictures from before Christmas with Grandma... Cici's
 opening some Christmas presents

Monday, December 26, 2016

Six Flags - Christmas Lights

We wanted to see the lights at Six Flags... so we went for a couple of hours. We also caught the Christmas Show. It reminded us of our cruise!


Luke went on the Road Runner, he was just barely tall enough. Check out his pic, he looks terrified! But he begged to go again and again! He said he loved it. Preston wouldn't even ride it.


Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Morning

Waiting to come on down

Matching pajamas


Teaching Logan how to rip off wrapping paper

He was so excited about his car that he couldn't wait for Dad to put it together. He jumped into it the second it was out of the box!


Almost done...

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Santa Lists

Ethan's last minute changes... he left this for the elf to take on the elf express on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve

Traditional family dinner... with Buche de Noel

We were invited to the Alley's for a live nativity program. Sophie was Mary, and Porter was the donkey... hilarious!!

Fixing her headdress (ahhh, sweet)


Kidnapping Baby Jesus (it was so funny, he marched right up, didn't hesitate as he grabbed the doll and delivered it to Dad!)
I had to include this picture to remind us of how Logan acquired the chair. He marched up to a teenager (who didn't know) who was sitting there. Logan stared him down until he put his hands in the air and surrendered his chair. Logan proceeded to climb into the then empty chair and settled in for the evenings events. It was hilarious!! He knew what he wanted and how to get it. And so funny he wanted that seat.
A talent show followed the nativity. Ethan was the only Repasi to participate. He played, Once Their Was A Snowman.


Logan really wanted to participate!