Thursday, June 30, 2016

Kingwood House


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ice Cream Social

Porter got overall High Point winner for the team.  That goal was a long time coming!
Luke got his first Frog trophy! Preston got high point winner for his age group. All the kids had a great year of improvement in their swimming. It was a bitter sweet night... It was our last Ice Cream social with the frogs... We postponed our move so the kids could finish out this swim season.


Swim Team 2016

Porter's Instagram

Ready or not... branching into the world of social media...

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Going Away Party- Saying Goodbye

We lived in Kingwood for ten 10 1/2 years... Wow. How time flies. Kingwood was good to us.  We added four babies to our family.  We loved the trees and the greenbelts.  Doug worked for two different companies in our time there.  We had our first experience with a teenager.  We had a multitude of church callings and growing experiences.  From Angela in Primary (teacher, 2nd counselor, A-days), Young Womens (president), Relief Society (instructor)... To Doug in two different Bishoprics, Young Men's stake presidency (counselor), Primary (teacher) etc.... We made amazing friends there, and had such a great support network.  Carpools for every activity.  A long list of people in the neighborhood that could be called for help at any given time.  We're going to miss that support and friendship.

Katy Jordan hosted a joint going away party for us and the Stouder family.  He was our Bishop and the Institute Director who got called on a mission.We moved out of the ward at the same time.

Sophie and I had a good-bye lunch with Katy and Kayla Jordan.  One last meal at Lupe Tortilla! (and Sophie's first experience with Lupe's fajitas...they're amazing!!!)

I also had one last girl's night with my friends before moving too... and yes, we went to Lupe Tortilla and the Chocolate Bar... Two of my favorite places.

One of our last stops on the way out of town was to say good-bye to Vada.  I visit taught her and Doug home taught her for even longer.  We gave her a ride to church for years (or at least checked in with her every Sunday to see if she needed a ride.  She wasn't very happy to live in Kingwood.  Her daughter moved her there when she broke her hip.  She told me, I don't like it here, never have, and never will.  She is just waiting to die and see her husband again.  But she loved us, and we loved her.  She is so sad we're moving.  She said, "The only family I got to know here, and they're moving, I just can't believe it."  Her daughter, who doesn't have anything to do with the church, called me to go sit with Vada one afternoon while she called Vada to tell her her grandson had been in an accident.  My kids were always happy to go visit her.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Olympic Swimmer

Sophie got to meet an Olympic Gold Medalist at the Allstar Swim Meet! How cool is that?  She even got to hold his real Gold Medal!


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Saturday, June 18, 2016