Monday, June 30, 2014

A visit from Granny and Gramps

So fun to have Granny and Gramps visit us for a week!  We went to Old Town Spring twice, Texas Road House for dinner, Tutti Fruitti, Half Price Books and the Children's Museum.  The first day they were there while Doug and I were still in San Antonio.  The kids had a fun time just with their grandparents and went to Cici's and Menchies. It's so fun to have visitors. We love our Granny and Gramps!


The Golden Frog

Our family was the recipient of the Golden Frog award this year.  An award given to one family who has been exceptionally helpful throughout the swim season.  Meredith had lots of nice things to say about us (and me) as she presented the award.  As a side note, Luke promptly broke it as soon as I got back to my seat... we're not such great keepers of the frog.  We have to give it back next year so that someone else can have the honor of keeping him for another year.... Hopefully we can work some magic on his little foot.

Swim Team Awards Night

The Tadpole Group... Ethan... he would go and kick on her kickboard.  He wouldn't let go.  The one day Emily really pushed him by getting by pulling him under the water over and over again, he was traumatized.  The next day he cried all the way to swim team and all of the way through practice.  Needless to say, coach didn't try that again. She just let him kick back and forth back and forth, every day.

Sophie... 9&10's.... Sophie got the coaches award of the everlasting gobstoper for being one of the hardest worker on the team.  Coach told the story of how, for five dollars, Sophie swam wind sprints for over 30 minutes, with out taking a break, in and out of the pool jumping in the second she jumped out...


Preston... 7&8's.... what a great season for Preston!  He swam hard, really improved his times dramatically, and learned how to swim successfully on his back!  He also is well on his way to being legal in his breaststroke and his butterfly. Way to go Preston!

Ethan... tadpoles... how fun that he got his first trophy!
Porter... 11&12's.... Porter missed awards night because he was at his first year of scout camp.  Boo hoo.  This year he qualified for Ponderosa in 4 events, freestyle, breast stroke, butterfly and IM.  The last two events he got his qualifying times at Divisionals.  There was one kid there who really gave him a run for his money, and as a result, Porter ended up dropping three seconds off both butterfly and IM.  Amazing!  He isn't swimming Ponderosa because he picked Scout camp instead.  He didn't want to miss a second of Scout camp.  He was looking forward to it so much.  He paid for half of it.  When we told him he could choose and we'd support him in what ever he decided, he was so relieved and happy to be able to stay at scout camp.  At awards, Coach Emily gave him the coaches award of a boomerang.  She talked about a couple of his great come back swims in the relays.  He had several that he had to make up a lot of time on to win, and was successful.  The one in particular was pretty phenomenal, he had almost half a pool length behind when he started, and he passed the kid and finished almost half a pool length ahead.  Another was similar, with the late start, but he caught up and won with a hand touch.  Some amazing and very memorable swims.  It's so fun to see him turn it on and let his endurance pull through for him.

Allstars 2014

Sophie made it to all stars in three events, backstroke, freestyle, and breast stroke.  Only back and free are on Saturday, the rest of the events are swum on Sunday.  So our kids only ever do back and free.  This time, the team had enough girls in her age group for a relay.  They did awesome!  They won first place, even though they were seeded fourth.  Even more spectacular was Sophie.  This year has been a year with lots of tough competition in her age group.  She has been on B relay.  The girl she replaced at all stars didn't qualify to swim there because she was too fast.  These girls beat their seed time.  Sophie really held her own.  Great race, even though Sophie was running a fever. She placed as an alternate for the finals in backstroke, and was 14th overall for freestyle. 

Sophie is a Unifier

This makes the second time in less than a week that Sophie has single handedly brought the younger boys together through crafting at the table.  A few days ago she brought out her rainbow loom and had all the little boys making bracelets or balls.  This time she had them all painting.  She is such a great big sister, sweet spirit, and pleasant person to have in our home!!!


The big kids and coaches on our team have a tradition of making these posters and hanging them up the night before Divisionals for good luck. Go Frogs!

June Life- summertime!