Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Evidence of our annual DI treasure hunt!

Wheeler Farm

We spend an afternoon feeding ducks and going on a wagon ride with Grandma Barbara, Aunt Debbie, and cousin Tanner and cousin Tatum.


Tour de Run

Debbie and I ran the Tour de Run in Lehi. Whitney and Beth from H* ran it with us. We ran 3 races in two days. We started with a 5K on Friday night, followed by a 10K on Saturday morning, and we ended with an 8K Saturday at noon. It was a really fun and unique way to run a half marathon. I got 1st for my age group! The funny there were only 4 people in my age group. The other 3 were Debbie, Beth and Whitney. There were only about 60 people in the race total. There were some amazing athletes, it wasn't really a race full of casual runners. I felt like my times were very respectable, especially considering the elevation, the heat and he hills. The first half of the 10K was uphill! My times were: 5K- 23:25 (7 16')... 10K- 50:24 (7 52') 4.4 miles- 35:50 (8 09') for a total time of 1:49.46 (official)


The most amazing sporting goods
store I have ever seen! Inside there is a ferris wheel, mini bowling alley, shooting game, stuffed animals, and lots of creative
photo ops. We spent a fun couple of hours checking it all out!

Grandma Time

The button came off of Ethan's shirt. I told him we could ask Grandma for a button. Next thing I know the two of them are working together to repair his shirt. Darling!!!

Road Trip


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Colorado Children's Festival

We stopped in Colorado on our way home.  While Doug worked in Denver, we went to the Children's Festival with Erin, Eva and Nora. (and we fit in a little more Just Dance :)

Monday, July 29, 2013


after the fossils we checked out the petroglyphs

Dinosaur Fossils

While Doug worked in Vernal, we explored the super cool Dinosaur Bone Quarry. We even got to touch real fossils!