Sunday, June 30, 2013


We went to watch Sophie's friend Madison perform in the play, Cinderella. One of my young women, Chyanne did the costumes. It was a great opportunity to support our friends.  It was jus ta bonus that the play was so well done. Lexie came with us.


Luke's legs get stuck occasionally.  Sometimes it doesn't bother him, like in the above pictures.  Sometimes, he screams and screams until we come undo him.  Only to promptly stick his legs back through the slots.

On our way to Utah...

Preston's artwork

Sophie's Art Work

My personal favorite- the snowman family,
complete with Scout, Queenie, and Dashie.

Luke Logan can wave!

He is darling, as he waves to everyone!

Summer reading program

Preston's Six Year Old Stats

Height-      44.3      in.         26th        %
Weight-       46.2    lbs.         53rd          %

Divisional Swim Meet

Our Swimmer Rock!!!

I love watching them swim!

Meet Results

Freestyle- 54:37 (3.5 second improvement!)
Backstroke 1:16:09 (15 second improvement! so proud of him for swimming this hard stroke!)
No Ropes Club for Preston in both strokes!!!
He still comes up for air with a smile every time.

Freestyle: 1st (awesome race! she was seeded 3rd- took a second off)
Breaststoke- 2nd
Butterfly- 2nd (took a second off)

Breastroke- 1st (took a second off)
IM- 3rd - (1st year for this- so proud of him for adding this difficult event)
Butterfly- 4th

Saturday, June 29, 2013

All-Star Frogs

What an amazing swim meet this turned out to be for Porter and Sophie!

Sophie went into the freestyle finals ranked 1st! She had to swim up a heat to place.  As we listened over the loudspeaker for the swimmers who made it to finals, we thought she hadn't made it as they called 8th, 7th, 6th... Then they got to 1st, and it was Sophie!!!! She made her ponderosa time twice that day.  We went back that night for the finals, and she placed 2nd in the finals.  Wahoo!!!

Porter went into the finals ranked 2nd!  He also had to swim up a couple of heats to place.  We had the same thoughts as we had during the finals call for Sophies race, and were thrilled when we heard his name called for 2nd.  During the finals race that night, Porter placed 1st.  Wahoo!!!

We left the next day for our month long excursion to Utah.  Our A/C in the van  had gone out the day before, so while we were at All Stars, we had it fixed. We had to get baby sitters for Ethan and Preston, because we couldn't all fit in the white car.

All Star Times- Prelims and Finals

Future frog

Ethan, sporting Porter's swim cap and goggles.

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