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Preston's 5 year old Stats

Height:  3' 6" -- 26th percentile  (up from the 13th percentile last year-- he's growing!)
Weight: 41 lbs -- 49th percentile
Vision: 20/20

Star Student-- Preston!

Every couple of weeks Preston got to be "The Star Student."  It was a big deal, as he got to be the line leader, and was spotlighted in his classroom.  Here are the answers to his spotlight questions from this past year:

The most important thing I learned in school this year: is building.
I like summer vacation because: I like to go swimming.
I feel happy when: I play games.
My mommy and I like to: play video games.
My favorite book is : spiderman.
My Daddy's job is: to work on the computer.
My Mommy's job is: to take care of the family and go to the store.
I'd like to work in a brownie  factory for a day.
My favorite fast food restaurant is: Sonic.
If I could be an animal for one hour, I would be a: Komodo dragon.
I would like to take a trip to: Chicago.

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July 4

Forest Cove Frog float in parade, Flag Ceremony, Neighborhood pool party, swimming at the Shannons, BBQ with Jordans, fireworks... yes, we tried to fit too much in...one tired and pregnant mamma...  but it was so fun... we missed Doug- he was working in Brazil!