Monday, April 30, 2012

Date night!

We love those kiddos but it was fun to go out one night just as adults! We went to carrabbas - one of my favorite restaurants ( one we reserve for special occasions). We enjoyed great food and great conversation. We ended at another fav- a frozen yogurt place. Our night stayed good when we got home and the sitter succeeded on getting everyone to bed so we were able to plan a new game ( new to me and Doug) Settlers of Caatan. I only wished we lived closer and could do this more often! It was so great!

Eye exams from dr Paul

It was so fun to see Paul in his element! He did a great job checking our our eyes!

Build a bear

This is one of my favorite places. I love seeing what the kids pick. Its fun to ser their individuality and personality. Our family tradition is to take our kids what they turn 4. Lucky for us we visited Eva right after her fourth bday, so we took her there for her birthday. So fun

New hair do

Erin set me up in Colorado with her new fab hair dresser. She worked some magic on my hair. She washed, dried, straightened and the cut it. The curls I can get now are amazing! Still
Having trouble achieving the same level of straight as she managed. Not sure if it's my skills and tools or the
Humidity- but regardless I am happy!

cousin time!

Colorado Trip!

Estes Park Drive

Cousin Nora's First B-Day Bash!

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