Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Calling

First day on the job...
I can't say that I was completely shocked to be put into young womens, I had a prompting one night a couple of months ago as I was up late working on my Relief Society lesson that I would get called into young womens. It was a clear, distinct impression that came out of no where. Although, until I got the calling, I wasn't sure if it came from the spirit or from me.  I was feeling weary of preparing lessons, and had the thought, "it's okay, you won't have this calling much longer, you'll be in young womens." I thought perhaps I'd be called as an advisor, and needed this preparation to move into the program period.  I didn't dream that I would be called as president.  I can honestly say that I do not want this calling.  There is no part of me that wants to do this.  But I am grateful for this experience, because I know that while I don't wish to be doing this right now, there is a reason I was called. It wasn't a calling of convenience on the part of the Bishopric, it's a calling from the Lord.  The Bishop shared with me his experience in being shown who he should call as president.  He said I wasn't even on the short list but he came into his office one night, pondering, and it became very clear that  I was who the Lord wanted.  As the Bishop read my name in over the pulpit, he became visibly emotional, and said that the spirit was confirming to him this calling. Wow... who can argue with that?  Although it's so hard, it's hard to balance my family with the time consuming demands of this calling. I just pray that I can learn what the Lord wants me to learn, and do what the Lord wants me to do while I am in this calling.

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July 4

 city parade

 neighborhood pool party
BBQ with friends and
City Fireworks

Sunday, July 03, 2011

All Stars

 Sophie is in lane 3, with a dark swim cap on her head... doesn't it look so official?

Sophie's swim times in free and back qualified her to swim in an invitation only meet called All-Stars.  It was a fun experience.  She got an extra medal at the awards night, and our family attended a special dinner our swim team does for the all-star competitors. 

The meet was neat too.  It was in a high school, and the it was run very smoothly.  The summer league meets tend to drag on, but all-stars went quickly.  Sophie is cute about the concession stand.  She loves to get something, but she never wants to get anything before all of her races.  She doesn't want any junk slowing her own.  All-stars was no different.

She did so well too. She took 3rd place our of 44 girls in her age group.  She got a medal and 11 points for our team. Yeah Sophie!

free 23:68 m
back 34:11 m

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Porter Swim

Here are Porter's times... see how much he improved over the season!

Swim Team Times: m=meters y=yards
free: 24.14 m -21.31 y- 21.62 m-18.03 y
breast: 32.69 m- 30.30 m- 25.23 y
IM (free,breast,back,fly): 2:32.05 m -2:12.37 m- 1:59.67 y- 2:06.35 m
back: 31.96 m- 25.17 y- 24.02 y
fly: 32.38 m- 29.62 m- 33.79 y- 26.62 m

I wasn't sure if Porter was going to swim this season, but in the early spring he said one night at dinner, I guess I'll swim this year.  Outside I played it cool, but on the inside I was cheering!  I just think swimming is so good for the kids.  Porter improved all of his times so much, he placed in almost every race he swam.  He learned how to swim IM (even though he didn't love it).  He shaved tons of time off his freestyle, which isn't easy to do.  He was pretty done with swimming by the end of the season, but he worked so hard all season, had a good attitude, and earned his break!  The work outs he did were hard, they would have been hard for me, and it showed in how much he improved over the season. Porter's favorite part of the meets was the concession stand. That' smy Porter!  I'm so proud of Porter!

Preston Swim

Preston's Times:

Free: 5:35.05 m - 2:45.57 y - 1:57.69 y - 1:35.53 m - 1:48.70 y

Preston turned 4 right before swim team started. The swim team we are on has a group for non swimmers called tadpoles.  The coach had so many young ones this year, she agreed to create a second group of tadpoles that really non swimmers could particate. 

Preston loved going to practice every day.  He told me, "I'm big now, I'm on swim team." 

At the beginning of the season he couldn't swim at all.  By the end of tadpoles, he was able to join the swim team, because he could swim the length of the pool in a meet!  With all the lane lines removed from the pool, he could swim the entire length of the pool by himself, but in a meet, he'd grab onto the lane line, because they were there.  It's legal, as long as the kids don't pull themselves down the lane. He improved his times so much each meet.  He loved going to practice and to the meets. He never complained. He'd swim, hold onto the rope, take a huge breath, smile his biggest smile, and start swimming again. 

The best part is, he is now a swimmer!  I still feel like I need to watch him in the pool.  But he's so good about staying close to a wall or rope.  He's like a little fish, bopping around, touching the bottom, swimming after toys, he kind of reminds me of how Sophie would play in the water.  Sometimes I'm not sure if he's struggling or playing.  I jumped in once, only to have him give me a look that said, "mom, what was that for? I was playing."

So proud of my Preston!

Sophie Swim

Sophie's Times

Free: 34.22 m - 31.53 m - 23.93 y- 24.87 y- 26.47 m- 25.78 y -24.18 y
Breast :54.32.m - 54.40 y- 49.84 y- 45.56 m - 46.51 y - 38.53 y
Back: 44.89 m - 40.00 m - 31.94 y - 30.84 y - 34.40 m - 34.12 y 32.11 y

Swim team pretty much consumed our life in May and June.  It's so fun, but so time consuming.  We had practice every day, and a meet every Saturday. Sophie was at the top of her game!  She took 1st in free in every meet, except her first one.  And she took 2st in back in every meet except divisionals, where she took 2nd.  The greatest part?  She had no idea.  Some days, hours after the end of the meet, she'd ask me how she did. She swims because she loves it.  What place she got isn't the first thing on her mind.

My favorite example of this is the day she swam breast stroke legal for the first time.  She called her Grandma to tell her about the swim meet.  Did she mention her two first place finishes in back and free?  Not once.  All she talked about was how she swam breast legal, and how unusual it is for a six and under to be able to do that.  Same story when she learned and swam the underwater pull out for breast for the first time.  That's all she talked about, how excited she was to have learned it and to have overcome her fear of doing it in a meet. She even placed 3rd and 6th in two meets for breast.  Something she was very proud of.

I love that she can take joy in things she has more control over, and that she has such an intrinsic love of the sport.  I am pretty proud of her beautiful strokes.  She's pretty to watch in the water.  Smooth and fast.  A little motor scooter. 

She loves the meets.  I never once had to wake her up for the meet. Which is a miracle, considering how hard it is for her to be ready to go to school on time.  Usually she is a big dawdler in the morning. But for swim, she was always up early, with her swim suit on, all smiles, ready to go.

She practiced with Porter's group, to make things easier for me, and because ability wise, she could keep up.  She started in the 9 & 10 group, and when school got out Porter and Sophie's group got combined with the 11 & 12's.  Sophie held her own.  She never complained. She swim hard for an hour every day.  One day they swam 1.7 miles. 

So proud of my girl!