Monday, May 30, 2011

preston' s 4th birthday!

Preston knew exactly which cake he wanted... A spider-man one... chocolate!

When we bought a few things for his birthday he saw these spiderman picks, and added cupcakes to the list of birthday cake wants. It's hard to say no to such a sweet request!
I love my sweet Preston!

Can you believe he's four?!?!
I'm going to cry... time is passing too quickly...
Opening presents.  It's fun to buy him boys... because he actually plays with them
He's opening some accessories to his batman cave.
A few party games.
We had a very, very low key friend birthday party.  It was perfect, we were both happy.  Three friends (two were brothers), cake, a few games, an hour and a half.
navigating through the spider web
an obstacle course

His nose looks a little different because he fell at pre-school and scratched up his nose and upper lip.  So sad! He doesn't usually get upset, but he carried on for so long, the mom finally called me. It scabbed over, it was pretty shallow, so it shouldn't scar.  But every where we went people asked him what happened.

We rode bikes for doughnuts in the morning and came back for a little party.  Preston's birthday fell on Memorial Day, so Doug was home, that was nice. After the party we asked him if he wanted to go see a movie, or get his build-a-bear... No, all he wanted to do, all he really really wanted to do was play the wii for a while.  Such simple pleasures. It was his birthday, so we let him decide... and he was so happy!

We love our little Preston SO MUCH!

He really is such a delight to have in our home. 
I don't know what we'd do with out his sweet, good natured, pure spirit. 
 He has such a good sense of humor.
  He loves to play with his toys.  Bad guys are his favorite subjects in the games he makes up.  I always get to be the princess who needs saving. He loves scooby-doo (to watch) and batman (to play).  He likes his characters to fight, but can be convinced to have them make up and be friends and play ring-around-the rosie and london bridges and swing on the pretend swings.
He loves books, he loves to be read to and he loves to look at his favorite books and tell the story to himself. He usually wants daddy to read to him at night, but once in a while mom gets to do the honors.
 He likes to work in his pre-school book and identify the letters and trace different shapes and lines. 
He loves to play with his siblings.  He's so proud of himself that he's growing bigger like them. 
He loves to play with friends too. 
He has an unhealthy love of video games. 
He's a good helper.  He loves to help me clean bathrooms, and he'll put his toys and books away. 
He has the most amazing, melt your heart smile, that just makes you happy and want to smile yourself. 
He says such funny things in Primary. I wish I could be in there just to hear what he has to say.  Apparently, he's not shy at all.  He frequently raises his hand or just blurts out his answers.  He was recently spotlighted- u can imagine his delight when they said 'This person loves to ride his Diego bike.' And he realized he was the one being honored.  Every week when they called up birthdays, he wanted to go up, because he has a birthday too.  It's just not here yet.  Imagine the Primary President's delight when she could say, yes, Preston, you can come up, it is your birthday this week! Preston has started saying the most beautiful and detailed prayers.  Asking to please give Jesus a high five and a hug, among lots of other beautiful and sweet and some funny requests.

What a sweetheart! I love Preston sooooooo much it hurts my heart!

Porter's End of the Year Awards

We love Porter's teacher Mrs. Dohse so much!  She has been such a blessing.  She loves her job so much. She has such a clear no nonsense discipline style.  Her students know exactly what to expect. They respect her, and she respects them. She has a great sense of humor.
Doug took some time off to come and support Porter.

Porter got special recognition for earning two tiles!  The large tiles go in the ceiling at the library, but he got two small tiles to keep to remember his achievement.

Porter also got the kite tail award for the 3rd grade.  He read the most words (almost 1 million!) His prize... a huge kite and a $10 gift card to Half Price Books.  He wasted no time spending his gift card.

His teacher also had the Dohsey awards, like the Grammy's, for her class.  She gave each student a special award, complete with a power point presentation of pictures for each student.  Porter got the ... can I go check out another book at the library, can I get on Tanglewood books on line, is it free reading time yet award. 

Porter also got trophys for his TAKS tests.  He got 100% in math and only missed on in reading.  He also got his honor roll awards, he only had one b all year, so he was on the A/B honor roll.  Great Job Porter!  What a great way to end the year!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Mentor Brunch- 2011

Katelynn Carroll, Paige Hacker and Cherokee Bishop

Ronda Shannon and I started the mentoring program in our ward. It's a way to help pave the way for a smooth transition for our young women into Relief Society.  Our first year was a success!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Curbside Recyling

I am still in shock. I went to our neighborhood HOA meeting to inquire about the progress made towards securing curbside recycling for our neighborhood.  I was told that the cost difference was negligible, so the only thing holding us back from signing up for the service is that some people don't want the large garbage can we'll be required to use in their garages. 

Did I hear them right? I was unable to contain my shock and my disgust at this unacceptable answer.  The few people in the neighborhood who care more about their garages than about the environment are going to deny over one thousand households the convenience of curb-side recycling?

The curbside recycling is all or nothing as far as cost and consequences for each household.  We'll drop from two garbage picks ups a week down to one garbage pickup.  However, the people don't have to take the recycle bin.  They could opt out. 

It seems so backwards to me that living in the suburb of such  a large metropolitan area that we haven't already had curbside recycling for years.  Those who recycle have to drive their recyclables to the back of our town on a weekend to deposit their goods.  Most people who don't recycle would develop the habit if they didn't have to go to great effort to make it happen.

How did I get on the curbside recycling bandwagon?  My cute cub scout came home from a cub scout meeting on recycling and has been asking me ever since to go to the HOA meetings and make it happen in our neighborhood. I had hoped it would be as simple as asking for the service.  I was wrong.

Honestly, this is why I stopped going to the meetings.  It's not good for my blood pressure or my mental sanity. I get so upset at the process it takes to make change happen.  I get so tired of dealing with people who have such different priorities.

On something like recycling, we are so behind.  So many other neighborhoods in K* and in the nation take part.  In Switzerland you are fined if you don't recycle.  The HOA president made the comment that the landfills aren't going to fill up for 50 years... I thought, as I rocked my baby while he's making that comment, nice, you'll leave the problem for my baby to worry about. 

Whatever happened to doing the right thing because it's the right thing to do?  So there may be some minor inconveniences associated with the change.  Just make it work people... Get rid of some stuff in your garage.  Decide not to participate.  But don't prevent the whole neighborhood the opportunity to be eco-conscious!

Primary Spotlight-- Preston's answers

What is your favorite color? blue

What is your favorite book? cat in the hat

What is your favorite sport or hobby? riding my diego bike

What is your favorite family activity? going for a bike ride (to the toy store)

What is your favorite scripture story? Samuel the Lamanite

What is your favorite Holiday? Halloween

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? to see and play in the snow

What is your favorite treat or dessert? popsicles

What is your favorite primary song? Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam

If you could choose any type of pet to have, what would you pick? a hermit crab and a dog

Primary Spotlight-- Sophie's answers

What is your favorite color? pink

What is your favorite book? Rainbow Fairies

What is your favorite sport or hobby? Tumbling

What is your favorite family activity? going to the movies

What is your favorite scripture story? all

What is your favorite Holiday? Valentine's Day

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?

What is your favorite treat or dessert? Chocolate Cheesecake

What is your favorite primary song? I am a Child of God

If you could choose any type of pet to have, what would you pick? dog- beagle

Porter's Tile

As part of the reading curriculum at Porter's school, the kids read books and take AR tests on what they read. Each test is worth a certain number of points.  A 100% gives one the full number of points. when a child reaches 250 points, they get to paint a tile to be hung in the ceiling in the library forevermore.  Few kids get 250 points, and even fewer get 500!  Porter set a goal to get 250, but reached it around the halfway mark in the year, so he decided to go for another 250.  He reached his goal!  We're so proud of him! Way to go Porter!

He read some pretty difficult books, like Harry Potter, the Lightening Thief (his fav) and the Fablehaven series. He's like his mom and his granny.  We all love a good book!

primary easter activity and egg hunt

Porter acting as Jesus in the triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

sophie waving her palm leaf

The activity was based off of A Christ Centered Easter. What fun the kids had with a mini Jeusalem Dinner, acting out Jesus' tiumphal entry into Jerusalem, talking about the symbols of Easter, a craft, and Easter Egg Hunt.

Good Friday Camping Trip

Lots of friends gathered together at a local campground over Good Friday for a two night camping trip.Doug didn't have to work and the kids didn't have school... it's a Texas tradition we've come to expect and enjoy.  We at two meals together, and smores another night. It's just so fun to enjoy some good wholesome recreation.  In other words, no media.  The only problem was, with Good Friday coming so late in the year this year it was hot.  Hot at night, hot during the day.  Our poor baby didn't get many naps.  Don't think we'll leave our camping for late April again!

dog sitting

Part of owning a dog is getting in on the dog trading business.  This way vacations happen for everyone... it's a I'll watch your dog, if you'll watch mind kind of idea. 
We watched Honey and Tootsie for a week.
My kids were in heaven.  There was a dog for everyone.  No one had to sleep alone.
It even made me consider getting a second dog for Sophie.
Honey was a cuddler, and Sophie was in heaven having something to dole out affection on!
She would come home from school, pick that dog up in her arms and loving rub noses with the dog while cooing "I missed you so much! Yes I did, I missed you so much! etc... etc... etc..."