Thursday, April 28, 2011

the rest of the story

Porter's primary teacher took him out into the hall to get after him for acting out in class. Instead of getting angry, as he was planning, he followed the spirit, and asked Porter how things were going. Porter broke down and unloaded all of his stressed. He detailed how stressed out he is about the TASKS test and about earning another tile and about piano and about all of the homework he has to do at school. They had a good little chat, went back in the room, and Porter didn't cause any more problems in class. What a blessing to have the spirit. T have good people in our kids lives who follow that spirit. What a good example to me, to not go so quick to anger. But to realize that so often there are things going on that we don't understand. I hope that I can treat others, my children included, with the same love that was shown to Porter.

Welcome Spring!

The start of our garden
strawberry plants... Preston loves to water them...
Today he told me that he watered the strawberries, and he only ate one (I'm sure it was the only one!)

 the bees are hard at work pollinating our lemon bushes
 examining the strawberry plants
 gerber daisies
 flower buds
 out with the old flowers...
 baby oranges
 love this boy soooo much!
 bird's nest
 more of the pre-planted strawberries

 a worm has already discovered how tasty our plums can be
On Easter Sunday, the speaker in sacrament meeting mentioned that Easter is a time not only of rebirth and resurection (which is what I usually think of) but it's also a time of renewal... I've been thinking a lot about that concept.  If I miss the New Year's Resolution boat, there's always Easter!  But in a way it's an even better time to recommit ourselves to focusing on what's really important.  Spring just makes me happy, seeing everything come alive.  It's inspiring and creates such a feeling of hope and positive energy.  This time of spring is a beautiful season of renewal in nature and can be for our spirits as well.  A renewal to ourselves to be more like Christ.  To do the things we know we're supposed to be doing... To recenter our efforts on living up to our potential... To rejoicing in the knowledge we have of God's plan for us... To loving and enjoying our families more... To feeling joy. 

more toothless grins

Sophie has been riding her bike to school in the morning.  She rides and I run with the boys in the stroller.  It's so fun. She feels like such a big kid, and it gets me up and moving.  Often times I just keep running after I drop her off. Although that will probably have to end soon.  It is just getting so hot!

Porter leaves a little before us.  He rides with his friend Matthew. They like to leave early to eat breakfast at school.  It's free and I suppose more exciting than what we have a home.  I don't buy sugar cereal, which they can get at school.  I did put a hold on his account, no flavored milk... only plain.  Who needs strawberry, root beer, vanilla, creamsicle flavors?  I really noticed a change in his behavior when he started eating breakfast at school, but it took me a while to put all of the pieces together.  Putting a hold on the milk made a big difference. 

 I sometimes think people (my husband included)  think I'm crazy for pointing fingers at high fructose corn syrup and red dye 40 and yellow dyes. But I have proof in Porter that it does affect behavior, so  I keep resisting, sometimes I do better than others.  But some day maybe I'll get the courage to make some noise in the school district's nutrition department.  If they're so worried about childhood obesity, why are they cutting PE and selling ice cream at lunch?  Oh, don't get me going... I had better stop now...

new smile

Sophie has been loosing teeth like crazy!  She lost four in less than one week. 

 Her second front tooth came on during an early morning bike ride with me. I was running, she was riding.  We had tried to convince her to let us pull her tooth the night before, lest she swallow it in her sleep... She refused, she was still trying for that tooth necklace.  As she happily rode her bike along, I heard a "Mommy, my tooth!"  It had fallen out on the road.  We spent the rest of my run time looking for the tooth, we stopped again on the way to school, and she and Porter stopped on the way home.  Trying to locate the tooth. 

She ended up writing the tooth fairy a note, explaining what had happened.  Luckily for her , the tooth fairy has trusty tooth radar, and the tooth was returned to her under her pillow.  The next night she was able to cash it in for money. 

 Her bottom teeth fell out a few days later.  Again, still trying to get that tooth necklace, Sophie's tooth fell out just before she left for school.  I met her for lunch that day, and she showed me a tooth necklace.  I thought her teacher had kindly given her a necklace even though she didn't lose it at school.  Oh no, I was wrong, she'd lost the other one when she got to school.  At last, the tooth necklace was hers! (note the necklace in the first picture)

Now I can't get enough of that toothless grin!


Sophie's sweet friend Izzy is moving on Friday... We are a little bit beside ourselves with grief... Sophie and Izzy are in the same kindergarten class at school and that has made all of the difference in our successful school year... sigh... Sometimes I don't like change very much at all! I love Izzy's mom too... I'm tired of my friends moving...

Easter Eggs

The traditional dying of Easter eggs... I had planned on dying eggs with the pre-school kids the following day, but resorted to decorating with stickers instead.  One egg dying experience was enough for me!

Jerusalem Dinner

I love the book, A Christ Centered Easter.  It has made such a difference in making Easter a more Christ centered experience.  We started off the week before Easter with a Jerusalem dinner and the Easter Story in eggs for Family Home Evening.  Our friend Cassandra and her kids joined us.

Our primary used the book as a spring board for their Easter activity.  It went so well.  They had a small JJerusalem dinner, they reenacted Christ's entrance into JJerusalem with palm leaves waving and a quick synopsis of his week in Jerusalem, they colored bookmarks, and learned about the symbols of Easter.  They ended the activity with an Easter egg hunt. So fun!

This year I was struck with the renewal part of Easter.  One of the speakers in sacrament mentioned that Easter is a time not just of rebirth, which is what I generally think about at Easter... the resurrection and the atonement... but it's also a time of renewal, which to me symbolized a chance to recommit to do the things I know I should be doing, or to resolve to do them better. I love the term, renewal too, it's not as scary as resolution, it's full of hope and renewed energy and resolve.

Brazos Bend

Barbara came for a visit at the beginning of April.  It was so great to see her. We so appreciate and look forward to her regular trips down here. She was here for the school Spring Fling... Kind of funny because she was here for it last year too.  We joked that she'll have to try and time her visit in the fall for the Halloween Carnival/Trunk or Treat. 

We drove down to Brazos Bend on Saturday in search of alligators. We were not disappointed! Fortunately we are able to keep our distance by staying on the trails, and docks. The weather was beautiful, and it was so nice to be together.

They have an observation center with the largest telescope that is open for public use.  As we explored the small observation center, Sophie thought we left, and headed out the door in search of us. When I noticed she was gone, I absolutely panicked, because I know her and know that she would not wander off.  I really thought someone had kidnapped her.  Doug had the presence of mind to leave and retrace our steps from where we came, back down the path.  He located her with a friendly mom who was helping a crying Sophie find us. Such a terrifying experience that lasted less than ten minutes, but shock me for the rest of the day.  I kept her close by and vowed to be more careful and attentive!

We finished the day with some great food from Texas Roadhouse. Thanks Barb! The kids were so tired, at one point I looked around, and they were all lying down. It made for a quiet meal.

We spent Sunday at church and enjoying a quiet dinner at home.  Barbara left early Monday morning. Thanks for such a nice visit!

Kindergarten Field Trip

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ethan- 7 months


you've got to love it when there are more pictures of the dog than the baby on my camera...
it can only mean one thing...
sophie got a hold of the camera...