Monday, February 28, 2011

tribute to grandma d

How fortunate I was to be able to attend the funeral of my Grandma Doralee in December.  My kids call her Great-Grandma D.  Her funeral was a beautiful celebration of her life and a celebration of the gospel principals that we believe in.  We will see her again.  She is in a better place.  She was ready to go join her friends and family members who had passed on before her.  It was amazing to have so many family members together to give tribute and praise to the woman she was and the life that she led.

Friday, February 25, 2011


why haven't I gone to bed yet?

I just discovered athleta...

approach with caution...

cutest running clothes... ever

loving their swim suits too...

Monday, February 21, 2011


As indicated in the previous post, I've been caring for a sick boy for several days now. On Friday, immediately after I got things taken care of and thought maybe I could rest for a moment, my baby woke up. I thought, "Now I have to take care of him, it's never ending." The thought was almost immediately replaced by, "No, I get to take care of him." What a difference the phrase had on my tired outlook, as I saw it more of a blessing than an obligation.

I was reminded of a story my running partner and friend Whitney shared with me a couple of years ago. Lance Armstrong's ex-wife is a runner, and wrote an article in runners world about having the same ephiphony has she powered up a difficult hill. She first thought, I have to run up this hill, but then realized, no, I get to run up this hill, as she thought of friends confinded and unable to run. What a difference it had on her attitude.

What a difference the thought had in my ability to carry on without getting discouaged.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

bike ride to toy store & cici's

still under the weather

Preston threw up on Thursday... and still isn't feeling well. He was up for an hour this morning, and quickly went back to bed. He's been so grumpy and sleeping a lot. Hope to have our smiling, happy boy back soon!

Update:  It took over a month... this strange stomach bug hit Porter after it hit Preston... Then Sophie had a fever that lasted over 4 days.... Then Ethan was sick with two ear infections in a row and a then a cough that required a nebulizer...


Pinewood Derby

the annual pinewood derby
last year Porter's car sported a lego guy- totally cool, totally him, totally slow!
this year he determined to learn from the past
his car was sleek
his car was fast
he name it sirrius black (or serious black)
(he's in the middle of reading the harry potter series)
his car took 1st in Bears
2nd overall
good job porter!

doug is cub master-he's doing a great job in the role!

this pack has a friends and family division for siblings

this year doug decided he was up to building two cars

so sophie got to enter one

her car took 3rd in her division

sophie's car is #8

porter's car is #1

poor preston felt a little left come race day

the high tech racing program they used, has each car race on each track twice

so a few dummy cars were raced to ensure that each round was full

preston got to run one of doug's old cars... preston was happy, until he wanted to switch for a faster car

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


One of Preston's unique qualities is that he is very open and honest about what he's feeling. If he's mad at you, he'll tell you... as in "Mommy, I'm mad at you!" He gives fair warning if he's going to be violent "Mommy, I'm going to hit you." He's also very quick to apologize. "Mommy, I'm sorry I got mad at you." or "Mommy, sorry I had a bad attitude."

He was upset with me on Sunday night. He said, in a very angry voice... "Mommy, I'm going to break your.... neck.... " Doug and I looked at each other with raised eye brows, thinking where on earth did he learn that! We have some teaching to do here! Luckily after the pause he found the word he was looking for "...lace!" {mommy, i'm going to break your necklace}

Then we laughed (in relief and amusement).

Clever. And effective, that would definitely upset me, and he knew it!

bath time