Monday, January 17, 2011





doug and angela

more family pics

new family picture

sophie's learning how to read!

Sophie's reading has exploded!

Today she read her 15th book and gets to draw from the book box.
It's so fun to see her so excited.
She carefully sounds our every word, and reads the sentences several times carefully to ensure it's all correct.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

pics with santa

preston wanted a robot and a dinosaur

sophie wanted a candy grabber

porter wanted to be surprised

Bayou Wildlife Park

We rounded up a couple of families and headed down to the Bayou Wildlife Park during Christmas Break. Such a unique, fun place!


I love how the trampoline has united my kids. We have something they enjoy doing... together!

Christmas Morning

Christmas Eve

waiting for santa...

christmas slippers from grandma b

sheperd as part of the renenactment of the nativity

tradition buche de noel
we enjoyed dinner with friends, talent show from the children, the Christmas story and live nativity, and new pj's
in anticipation of christmas morning

rainbow shoes

sophie loves these shoes... we call them her rainbow shoes... they were a lesson to me in not to shop on-line with your daughter... she saw them, and had to have them... no other shoes would do... but honestly, they were pricey... luckily for her, her birthday was coming, and her mom found them on sale... mom learned another lesson... sophie knows what she wants, and she wasn't kidding when she said she didn't need any other pairs of shoes... she's worn her rainbow shoes every single day, even on sundays... they're starting to wear out... worth every penny!


Ethan will have lots of friends as he grows up! There were at least 16 babies born in our ward this year, and most of them were boys! Here he's pictured with two of his buddies.