Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Midwives


I have to say, doctors are fine-the end result is the same, you end up with a baby, but I love having a midwife. I had very personal care the whole way through my pregnancy. Their office was close, I rarely waited more than five minutes in the waiting room. Once back in the exam room I could take as much or as little time as I needed with my questions and concerns. When I called with a question, it was not uncommon for one of them to answer the phone. I had both of their cell numbers in case of extreme emergency. Polly met me at the hospital and stayed almost the entire time. (We finally sent her away for a bit, because things were so calm). I had complete confidence in their medical ability, and judgement. I felt like they knew me well and they cared about me. I had to go in a couple of times afterwards for some complications, and at each visit, Polly gave me a big hug, and words of encouragement. When I took the baby in at six weeks, they oohed and ahhed over him, and took turns holding him.