Monday, September 27, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Doug's mom left on a Tuesday morning, and my mom came in that afternoon. We were so glad to have the help continue, and appreciated all my mom did to help us! It was wonderful.
She spoiled the kids with pizza from Cici's twice and a movie at the new movie theatre (I haven't even been there yet, and my kids have now been twice). Fun fun fun!

Grandma B

One night Preston refused to settle in Sophie's room, because he wanted to sleep with grandma. When we finally relented, and made him a bed, he fell right to sleep.

Many thanks to Grandma Barbara for coming to help keep things pulled together while I had the baby and began my recovery! Preston got lots of special time with his grandma. They played hard! She treated us to meals from Pei Wei and pizza, yum! I really appreciated her sacrifice to come and spend such a long time with us, it helped so much.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ethan 2 weeks

my attempts to capture this precious, fleeting moment of newborn baby

Sophie's Birthday

Sophie loves parfaits... (that's fancy for ice cream sundae...from Fancy Nancy)

She picked parfaits for her birthday treat

We ate at Texas Roadhouse for her birthday.

She got a ride on the bull.

She's wearing her special rainbow birthday outfit.

Try as I might, I could not convince Sophie to pick two friends and go somewhere for a birthday celebration in lieu of a birthday party. I offered up painting pottery or Build a Bear... The problem was, how could she pick just two friends? She loves all of her friends, and wanted to include everyone. I've been stronger in years past, but this year I let her invite her whole list, all fourteen of them, figuring that some wouldn't be able to come. Lucky for her, and sweet too, they all came. They are all good girls, and the party went without a hitch. I only wish I had said no presents. Her friends were so sweet and so generous, but the party was just to have fun and say Happy Birthday Soph... not to ask for gifts. I should have made the party longer, two hours wasn't enough time for all of the crafts, games, hair and nails, and food that we wanted to enjoy!

the traditional barbie cake





Sophie ... and it is Sophie now... I usually forget when I'm writing, but she has officially declared her preference for Sophie... not Sophia... not that she dislikes Sophia... she just prefers Sophie...

Sophie is one of the most thoughtful friends I know. This summer her cousin Savannah spilled water on her nightgown. Savannah was so upset, and wouldn't change into other jammies, Sophie let Savannah wear her only nightgown, the one she was wearing in order to help her cousin cheer up.

Sophie is good friends with a girl named Izzy. At lunch, Sophie got the last ketchup packet, but because Izzy didn't have any ketchup, Sophie squirted most her her ketchup on Izzy's tray. When Sophie couldn't get any more out of the packet for her own tray, she just said, "That's okay, I don't need ketchup."

Sophie loves, loves, loves, art. She puts great detail into her drawings and pictures. One of her birthday presents was a huge art kit with lots of colors and art tools. Her art makes me happy, it's cheerful, with lots of rainbows and beautiful colors and smiles.

Sophie is a beautiful musician. She is a delight at her lessons. She laughs and giggles, and is always willing to learn new things from her teacher. She has a super long attention span and is able to repeat more and learn more.

Sophie loves her family ... she loves her mom and dad and she loves her brothers. She is always happy to be buddies with Porter, and plays often with Preston.

Sophie loves having friends over to play. She loves to play tea parties, she loves her build-a-bears, she loves to pack up all of her favorite things to take to Madison's house for play dates or to soccer games for entertainment while her brother plays.

Sophie loves chit chat time with mom and dad at night.

Sophie loves to laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.

Sophie knows what she wants. She saw rainbow skechers on line, and would not rest until they were hers. She told me she didn't want any other shoes for school, just those $50 skechers. At first, I thought no way, but she was adamant. I couldn't find them at a store, but finally thought of looking at JCPenny, where they were on sale! She got them for her birthday, and now (it's Nov, as I type this) she has worn them every single day. Worth every penny, and showing me to trust that Sophie does, indeed know what she wants!

Sophie says beautiful prayers.

We love our Sophie!

9 months

Welcoming Ethan

8 lbs 4 oz- weight
18 1/2 in- height
13 in- head

First Day of School

This was the best picture I could get of Porter. Yes, he's trying to jump out of range of the camera. He is starting 3rd grade. This year begins the dreaded TAX test. The state wide, end of the year, if you don't pass you don't advance to the next grade test. Yes, he's nervous, no he doesn't need to be. Yes, the teachers teach to the test... yuck!

My sweet Sophie is starting Kindergarten! Sniff -- Sniff! She couldn't be happier... I couldn't be more torn. Happy for her, but sad that she's growing up. She is so ready, and we are so glad that she's starting this year as opposed to last year. The outfit she's wearing is, as she has named it, her horsey outfit. She saw it, and just had to have it for the first day of school. I love the scarf!

Preston didn't want to be left out on the photo-op.

He is starting the mom swap Fun Shine Express Pre-School this year.

Monday, September 20, 2010

meeting the new brother

What a special experience it was to introduce the kids to their new little sibling. They came over first thing in the morning, but Ethan was in the nursery, so we walked down and took a peek. Doug picked them up from school early that afternoon for the official introduction. They were fascinated with the tiny toes and sweet spirit of their new baby.
Preston hollered until he got a turn to hold the baby, but after several seconds, declared his turn over. Since then Preston says to me often, "That baby is so cute."
Porter takes a turn almost every day to hold him.
And Sophie can't give him enough loves and kisses.