Sunday, August 22, 2010


Doug traveled to Bakersfield, California and Alaska for work. He'll have to come on here and annotate his pictures and describe his journey.

Grateful Sunday

* The tooth fairy visited us again this week-- Sophie lost another tooth (Porter pulled it out for her)

* Our A/C broke-- luckily, we were able to repair it, rather than having to replace it, as we feared!

* My brother Vaughn came for another visit. So fun to have family around.

* Taught another lesson in Relief Society. I love the teachings for our times topics.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Doug's Birthday

Another year older and wiser too... Happy Birthday... To You!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Doug's Spotlight 2010

Doug was recently released as Porter's Primary Teacher. He was holding dual callings as teacher and cub master. Now he is able to focus his energies solely on Cubs and sit with me in Sunday School. While in Primary, he filled out the following Primary Spotlight form.

Name: Doug Repasi Age: Guess
My favorite primary song is: I Feel My Savior's Love
My pets are: A Hermit crab and some fish, but I want a dog
My favorite food is: pizza
My favorite book is : The Book of Mormon and Bible- non church is 1776
The thing I like best about school is : learning
When I grow up I want to be: a grandpa
My favorite family vacation was: Sea World
My favorite scripture story or prophet is: Alma the Younger
My favorite sport is: ping pong
The best thing about being a missionary would be: sharing my testimony
My favorite thing to do with my family is: tickle them

Monday, August 16, 2010

Astros Game

Doug got tickets from work for an Astro's Game. He and Porter had great seats and a great time. Porter came home with an authentic Astro's baseball, compliments of Doug's boss. Notice Porter all decked out from head to toe in Astro's apparel. He took his glove, in case he needed to catch a fly ball.

Sunday Family Game Afternoon

My kids love to play games...
Sunday afternoon seems to be a good time to play together...
The game featured above-- Book of Mormon Who Is It...
Other favorites... Littlest Pet Shop Go Fish (do you have a number 2 kangaroo?) and Sorry

another visit from the tooth fairy

Sigh... I can't deny it much longer... Sophie is growing up... Two weeks ago we registered her for kindergarten... On Monday she lost her first tooth... Porter reached in a plucked it out... the tooth fairy came that night... she is ecstatic... I am fighting back's going to be a hard week next week with the start of school...

Grateful Sunday

* three weeks till baby- we still need a name... doug offered up the compromise that we don't have to name him right away, we could bring him home nameless, it will be a hastle, but less of a hastle as changing the official name... it does take some pressure off...and it would give us a chance meet him and try out the name for a while until it's made official... we'll see

* summer swims that feel so good to my hot pregnant self, and give me something fun to do with my kids

* substituted nursery today-- so fun to see Preston in his element

* my blog is finally caught up-- another thing checked off my before baby comes to do list

* doug was gone to alaska and california all week-- he traveled safely and is home again!

Scouty boy (preston's nickname for the dog)

now that he's gotten rid of most of his bad habits, he's kind of growing on me... not in a i love my dog sense... but in a my kids love you, my husband loves you... i guess you can stay and i won't resent it kind of acceptance...


I am constantly amazed at this kiddo's imagination. Love it!!!

a visit from vaughn

My brother Vaughn has been living in Baton Rouge this summer selling security systems. He came over for a visit last weekend. Lucky us he was here for his birthday! We had a great time visiting and celebrating!
He and Porter and Sophie went to see Despicable Me. They played the wii, we made him a nice dinner and cake.
He also brought presents for my kids. Porter got a new remote control car, which has been run nonstop by both Porter and Preston. He brought Preston his first build a bear, and brought Sophie a totally girlie build a bear, which she either named balloon or blossom, I can't tell which word she's saying. Apparently there was a cute girl working at build a bear, so he decided to spend extra time there... it worked, he left with her number!

deep sleep

lately sophie likes to sleep with Porter... not sure why... she's going through a "I don't want to be alone phase... the dog usually joins them too...

8 months


Sweet Little Hallie. She looks so much like her dad when he was a baby, I couldn' t stop marvelling over the resemblence. She is the feminine version of Mark. Wow! Isn't she sweet? So cute and so smiley!

She loves her gramps too, which makes gramps even more smitten with her... as if that's possible!

Preston loves his gramps too. Most of the time! He loved to play a game where he's find gramps, screech, give him a big hug, run and hide and repeat the game.

Preston and Eva


Cousin Slumber Party

Sister in Law Bonding

Pam and I are due with in a week of each other.

Since I don't have any sisters, I really look forward to the time I get to spend with my sister-in-laws. We spent a girls afternoon going out to lunch and swimming with my mom and the little girls. My mom offered to watch the kids so we could then go see Eclipse, go out for ice cream, and pick up supplies to dye Erin's hair.
Later that week, we dyed her hair, a first experience for me. I imagined that I'd be a spectator, bur since Annika had to get her baby home I ended up with gloves on and a brush in hand. But her hair looked pretty great in the end!
I was touched that Erin would come from California, leaving her husband at home, to spend the week at her in-laws home. We had such a fun time getting to know her little Eva better. Erin is a super talented crafter and taught me how to make baby bracelets, beaded watch bands, and a new kind of baby blanket.

24th of July Races

The three of us arose early on the morning of the 24th to start our day with a little fun run/walk. Erin raced the 5K. Porter ran the one mile, and I walked the one mile race. Porter was so sweet, he really, really wanted to come and begged me to wake him up. He kept thanking me the whole morning for waking him up and letting him come.

24th of July parade

I like to try and plan my trip so that I can be in Utah for the 24th of July. This year was no exception! We checked out the parade and then spent the rest of the day at the lake. The next day we had our pioneer day bbq.