Friday, May 28, 2010


* turning me into a queen...

*magic wand...

*a button-- bad guy, pirate, dinosaur...

* an A and B button

...lovin Preston's amazing and creative ... Imagination!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sophia's Recital

Porter's Piano Recital

shark boy

This is Preston's favorite swimming suit. It's covered in sharks. He also loves the shark head goggles. And what outfit is complete without rain boots?
Preston, is by far, our most imaginative child. He frequently invents cute games, and is a great independent player. He will play outside or in the playroom by himself for long stretches of time. He loves to hide in the dragon's cave (the couch) and be buried in pillows, while he avoid a sure and sudden attack from the waking dragon who lives down the hall. He's so cute!

He's also a singer, I'll try and catch it on tape. The spiderman song, which I think he learned from a friend. The alphabet song. The three little monkey's swinging in a tree. All favorites. He also sings along in the car to the itsy bitsy spider and other nursery rhymes. As long as he's rested and fed, he is one happy, delightful child. As he approaches three his mess making skills are improving, but as long as he stays this sweet, we're all going to survive!

the repasi kennel

Porter, snoozing with our dog Scout, and our neighbor Ruth's dog Maggie. Ruth went to CA to visit her new grand baby, born at 25 weeks. Maggie wouldn't whine at night if she was sleeping with one of the kids. We learned that the hard way, the first night.

While watching Maggie, another dog literally showed up on our doorstep. I took her in, thinking we'd find her owner quickly. It's been a week, no sign of the owner. My kids are getting more attached. I'm getting worried. Anyone want to take in a super cute, sweet, well behaved (read completely potty trained and a non chewer)? You'd have a free dog sitter for life! Her only vice is her love for freedom. We sealed up the holes in our fence, and carefully open the front door. She's so little, I don't want her to get hit by a car if she's roaming free. She looks like she's a chihuahua, dachshund mix. If we didn't already have a dog, we'd keep her.

Sophie is already smitten. She can accept finding the dog's real owner, but when I mentioned that we might have to find a new owner, she started talking about us having two dogs. Yikes! Although, I realized after Ruth picked up Maggie this weekend, that having two dogs is way less zoo like then having three dogs.


if you look closely, you can see one of the doves that has taken up residence in our plum tree

pre-school graduation

mothers day

Porter's Card to me:

My Mother

My mother is 33 years old
My mother is 6 feet 5 inches tall
My mother's favorite color is blue
My mother's favorite food is darkcholet (dark chocolate)
My mother's favorite sport is running
I love it when my mother lets me play on the computer
The best thing about my mother is her cooking
I love my mom because she is my mom

the most hillarious part of his gift was card #2--A vase with three paper flowers. At the base of each flower was a coupon gift. The first was he would do a chore for me, the second porter gets to do what ever he wants for a day, and the third, Porter gets as much media time as he wants. Quite inventive....

Sophia's card to her dad:
My Dad

My dad likes to go fishing
My dad is 33 years old
My dad's favorite food is pizza
My dad is happy when I listen to him
My dad is not happy when I don't listen to him
My dad loves me because I am "cute!"
I love my dad because he helps me!

25 weeks