Sunday, April 18, 2010

it's official

sweet sophie still eagerly volunteers to say every prayer, however, her plea has changed from
"please help the baby to be a girl"
"please help us to love the baby, even though it's a boy"

A visit from Grandma Barbara

The Spring Fling
Porter's school carnival

Porter's last soccer game

dinners out at Pei Wei and Tin Roof BBQ

making friend with the dog
Barbara got lots of play time with her grand kids

Porter's awards assembly

A honor roll

jam making marathon

Porter was am amazing helper in my jam making marathon. I suppose a more responsible mother would have made him got to bed, however, he asked if he could help, and I replied, "Yes, actually I could use your help!" He stayed up till 11:30, and was completely delightful. He said the funniest things, he just made me laugh, and he worked hard without stopping. The process definitely went smoother with his help. What a great memory we made of working together!

Strawberry Picking

We pick blue berries every year, but have never picked strawberries. When our playgroup planned an outing, we decided to go for the experience. I'd already made 17 lbs of strawberries into jam the week before (I found strawberries for 99 cents a pound).
Sophie picked one bucket, and Preston picked another bucket. They loved it, and Porter, who missed the outing because he was in school, keeps begging me to take him. As we were leaving, the owners had just set a couple of huge boxes of strawberries out, and were selling them for $2 a box. I can't pass up a good bargain, so my friend bought 1 box and I bought 2 boxes. They were super ripe, and had to be used right away, so, I was up all night making jam with one box and freezing the other for smoothies. We've been in strawberry heaven.

2nd Grade Egg Drop

Porter had to design a holder for his raw egg to be dropped from the top of his school without breaking. He used the foam the dog ripped out of his dog bed to pad the egg, stuffed that into a lightweight back pack and came out with one unbroken egg. He was thrilled!

the triumphant engineer showing off his unbroken egg

camping easter egg hunt

since we camped over good friday (thurs & fri) we had an easter egg hunt at our camp ground... i think the kids liked it!

camping trip - double lake

Saturday, April 10, 2010

why we can't get rid of Scout...

family walk

I love that Preston always wants to wear his helmic (helmet)!
He loves to ride that trike.

If you look closely, you can see Porter on the plasma car, with Scout's leash hooked to it. Scout is pulling Porter.

pre-school egg hunt

dying easter eggs