Sunday, March 21, 2010

sophie is thinking pink

sophie volunteers to say every prayer... not just a sure, I'll say it kind of attitude, but a jumping out of her seat, arm raised.... with a me, me, me, pick me, urgency!... the reason? ... she is sending as many prayers as possible heaven ward requesting that this baby will be a girl... as of late she's also included, with no prompting from me, the plea that it not hurt to get the baby out... isn't that sweet?

we will find out what we're having in the middle of april... it can't come soon enough!

look what's coming sept 6

ode to winter clothes

... this is the ode to all of the winter clothes I should have purchased, but didn't...

...I mean who can justify a whole new winter wardrobe full of cute sweaters, fun jeans, great jackets, and closed toed shoes when they live in Houston, where cold weather usually amounts to several weeks total, where one often runs the air one day and the heat the next?

... not this winter, I totally could have justified it, I woke up to an arctic blast again, this morning... this puts us at what, almost four months of almost completely non-stop chilly weather!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

porter's first pinewood derby

For all their work, Porter's car didn't' place very high... I'm sure it had something to do with the very aerodynamic Lego's he had glued to the top of his car :)
However, I was so proud of Porter. He didn't care, he just had a great time racing his car, and watching the other cars race. He was absolutely thrilled that his buddy Sam's car won for their age group. He kept saying, isn't it cool that Sam won!
We would all enjoy life so much more if we could follow Porter's example, and let go of the competition and comparisons, be thrilled for other people's successes, and just enjoy the ride!


preston prefers oatmeal most mornings
and he loves to eat on the floor, not a good idea with a dog around...

he's not big on dinner, but he LOVES breakfast... he wakes us up telling us... I'm hungry mama!
then he eats at least 3 times... once with dad, once with the kids or mom, and once after all the kids are delivered to school...

rodeo day at school