Sunday, February 28, 2010


A visit to the retina specialist to check out my thin retinas... No problems, jury have to get them checked yearly. Phew...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Preston loves Dora and Diego. We have to read the Dora Pirate Piggies book to him every night before bed. He loves to play, Swiper no Swiping... Oh man! We tried to catch it on video.

He also created the donut game while waiting in a store, it's now played regularly. He pretends to make a donut, and then I have to gobble it up, and vice versa. He's so sweet!

upstairs tea party

Just moments before Sophia had been boohooing about being so bored, complaining that there was nothing to do. She decided to host this impromptu tea party for her dolls and cheetah all on her own. When I walked in on them, they were having a delightful time.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sugar and Spice

Sophia's new hair do!

Preston wasn't about to be left out of the run on the runway!

Sophia and her friend Brenna

Showing off their new do's!

The finished product. It's stacked in the back, so cute!


Porter is well into his first season of basketball, and loving it!
Doug and I have decided we like the sport too, we like sitting on the bleachers-out of the elements, watching a fast paced game.
I just wish we could find a place who offers it more than one season a year!

No Training Wheels

Porter's V-day Party

I did help out at Porter's Valentines Day party too, but I was so busy I didn't have time to take any photos. Didn't want Porter to feel left out when he's reviewing my blog!

Sophia's Valentine's Day Tea Party

I forgot to take pictures of the 12 five year old girls we had over, but the party was a smashing success!

Sophia's Pre-School Valentines Day Party

pj & pancake day at preschool

Sophia with her teacher, Mrs. Snyder.
Sophia looked forward to this day all week.
She refused to eat breakfast the morning of, and was severely disappointed when the pancakes were served at the end of the day, and they only let her have two pancakes. Poor, hungry girl. She came home with a smile about the over all day, but she was very grumpy as she complained about being hungry all morning, and then having her hunger continue with the breakfast ration.

2nd Grade Program

you know you're tired when...

New Skills on Wheels

All 3 of my kids have recently acquired new skills on their wheels...

Sophia can ride without training wheels!!! Wahoo!!!! She is sooooo proud of herself!

Preston is very proficient and speedy on his trike!

Porter used Christmas money from his granny & gramps to buy nice roller blades. (He went through 2 pairs of yard sale blades very quickly, so he was ready for some quality ones). He has taken off, and looks like a pro!

Bike Time!

cooleest metronome

Doug's sister Debbie gave us this metronome for Christmas.
It is the coolest metronome ever!
It not only beats out the rhythm, but it has a setting where a guy counts for you.
*picture compliments of Preston, whose new favorite past time is swiping the camera and taking random shots of everything and anything, from his point of view of the world

dog update

yes, we still have the dog...
yes, I still dislike him as much as ever...
yes, my kids are still completely smitten...

rock star jeans

The first thing Sophie said,with a big smile, when she tried these on in the store is, "These look like rock star jeans!"
They came home with us, and the name has stuck.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

pierced ears

With Doug's support, I finally got brave enough to get my ears pierced.  Doug and Sophie came along for moral support. Now I just have to get the courage to tell my parents...