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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Sophie-- 6 year stats

Height: 3 ft 6 inches (6th %)

Weight: 41 lbs 8 oz (25th %)

Ethan 2 months stats

Height: 23 inches (60th %)

Weight: 12 lbs 10 oz (75th %)

Head: 16 inches (75th %)

Blast from the Past...funshine 06

This was Porter's Funshine Express Group... almost 5 years ago! It's funny because all of these kids have a sibling that is in Preston's group.

Funshine Express

Sabrina, Chloe, Autumn, Ian, Preston, and Andrew
Preston's Funshine Express Preschool Group.
We take turns teaching, so I teach once every six weeks. It's so fun. It's fun when it's my turn to see how the kids act, and what Preston is capable of learning. And it's fun when it's not my turn, because I can do a few things without extra help. The kids are so cute, they're a good group and they have so much fun together.
I love this curriculum, because for less than $10 a month per person, the lesson plans, games songs, crafts and supplies come in a box. Ahhh, what a time and stress saver!

Footprints on the Wall

The midwives have a fun tradition of putting the footprints of all the babies they deliver on the wall. I took the kids with me to pick the spot and witness the event.

Happy Birthday Porter!

I can't believe my first baby is nine years old... How did that happen?
For his birthday we let him take two friends to Itz, a pizza buffet, game, bowling, rides kind of a place. Since his birthday was on Sunday, Doug took the boys there on Saturday afternoon, and they had a great time. On his birthday Porter wanted Fruity Pebbles for breakfast and ham for dinner. It was Stake Conference, so we had church in the morning, and were able to spend the rest of the day with Porter. It was nice.
Porter picked Oreo cheesecake (his fav) for his birthday dessert.

Porter is such a smart boy. He's learning so much in school. He's up to his fours in times tables. He has almost 100 AR points (you read books and take a test-last year it took him a whole year to get 100 points- this year he's trying to earn a tile for the library- 250 points). I am amazed at how much information they are teaching him in school, and he's keeping up just fine.

Porter is, in my opinion, an amazing piano player. He's learning so quickly.

Porter loves to build things with Lego's.

Porter loves to read, his teacher told me that when ever he has free time he spends it reading. He also likes to listen to books on tape. He still loves Geronimo Stilton books, but has branched out into some more difficult books in an effort to get more AR points. He recently listened to the Lightening Thief and The Candy Shop Wars.

Porter loves to play kickball. He plays every day at recess.

Porter rides his bike to school every day.

Porter is fast. He can get up at 8 and be out the door for school by 8:15. Although the last couple of weeks he has started practicing his piano in the morning, so he gets up at 7:30.

Porter loves to play Lego Star Wars on the Wii.

Porter watched out for his siblings. He walks Sophie to the car every day, so she can be a lone walker too, and so I don't have to go through the car pool lane. If ever I am late, he stays with her as they start walking towards home.

Porter has a good heart, and is kind to other people. He knows a lot about the gospel. He has a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong, and helps hold me to it!

Porter is really learning how to control his temper. The other morning his sister was bothering him, so instead of lashing out at her, he picked up his cereal bowl, and went and sat by the front door to eat.

Porter loves his dog. Scout sleeps with Porter almost every night.

I love Porter!

Preston looking longingly at Porter's presents

Halloween Costumes...

being the second boy, Preston had many costumes to choose from... so he opted to be something different for almost every event.... he was buzz for the zoo, a pirate for the library, and an alligator for trunk or treat

super girl at the school story book character day parade

scout- the squirrel
We were at Target looking at costumes and Porter and Sophie wanted to be Star Wars characters, the grand total for their two costumes would have been close to $80... then they wanted a costume for the dog... So I said "you can either pick out your own costumes here... or we can get Scout a costume and you can come up with a costume at home." They wanted a costume for their dog more. It wasn't even a hard decision for them. The hard part was getting the two of them to agree on which costume to get for the dog!

fire arm bearing ninja

Trunk or Treats

Both the school and the church had a trunk or treat. Last year, we opted for one activity, rather than both. But this year, because of Halloween falling on a Sunday, we let the kids go to both.

Smith Halloween Party

Our friends have an annual Halloween party. You are expected to come in costume. This year, we based our costumes off of a wig/visor Doug's mom sent- creating the beach bum theme. As Doug wore his costume to various events, some people didn't recognize him with hair.

Dewberry Farm

Dewberrry Farm is a farm about an hour and a half away from us. As we drove to the middle of no where, I thought, "If we build it, they will come." And come people did, the parking lot was full. Some friends told us about this place, and it was our first trip. We spent a nice day there.

zip lines

Preston's favorite place- big tubes


car racing- I thought Preston was too small, but he knew he could fit-

hay stack

a sorry pumpkin patch- apparently in years past it's been much more green
we still harvested some good looking pumpkins

Porter refused to be in the picture, so he played camera man

corn maze-
love Preston's boots!

Old McDonald's Farm

Our playgroup went to the farm for a day. Preston's whole life has been consumed with doing what Sophie wanted to do. But now she's in school, the world suddenly revolves around him. It's been fun for both of us.

the train

the rope swing

the pumpkin patch

he doesn't waste time on decisions (he didn't learn that from me)
he walked up to the first pumpkin he saw, picked it up and said, "this is the one I want"
it was a small pumpkin, and he was perfectly happy with it-
I guess it was as good as any and he wanted to enjoy the rest of his time doing other things-
I could learn a lot from that peace
pony ride

petting zoo

see the pig behind him... Preston had so much fun feeding the pig, he fed all of his food to the pig, and is still talking about it