Tuesday, April 28, 2009

race day photos!!!

I just realized I could save the photos from the website to my computer. Usually they don't allow it...

The Shopping Marathon

Thanks to Heather' s cousin we discovered a new favorite store. We all did damage there. Heather and Lindsey left Tuesday around noonish, Whitney went to see her cousin, and Jenni and I spent the rest of our time at H & M. We both have a very high tolerance for clothes shopping. It was so fun!

Our final stop in Little Italy for gelatto before Lindsey and Heather left.

After our shopping marathon we found a fun restaurant for our final Boston dinner. We had a great view of Boston while enjoying great food!

Race Day

I thought this was a cool poster...

Chasing the finish line, and not my kids... This is me time!

So true!

Signing the finish line at City Sports

I don't have great pics of myself running the race. That's probably a good thing.

It might sound funny, but I've felt the Lord's hand in helping me reach this goal. From the training, the way the pieces fell into place for the trip to happen, to race morning. I just feel so blessed.

My friend Stefanie, a running partner from when we lived in Utah with Doug's parents, ran Boston as well. When I called her to figure out how we could meet race day morning I discovered she was staying, out of all the hotels in Boston, in the same hotel as us. We simply met in the lobby on race day, her husband drove us to the shuttle bus. It was a cold and windy day. We waited an hour to board, rode the bus for an hour, waited 45 minutes in line for the potty, said hi to Heather, Whitney and Lindsey who were volunteering, and walked to the start line.

We ran ten miles together, then she dropped back due to IT band pain. It was so fun to see her and to get caught up. Despite her pain, she was still able to run a great race!

The course was hilly, and after training in flat Houston, my body was aching and I was growling from mile 15 on. It's to be understood that the race gets hard, but usually it doesn't get so hard so soon. But the energy of the crowd actually made the last six miles easier than normal.

Regarding Heartbreak hill at mile 20, Stefanie told me she heard it's like the hill in P* the neighborhood we used to run in. It's a hard, long hill, but doable. After running up heartbreak hill, I thought, that wasn't difficult enough, the hill must be in front of me. Nice surprise.

I didn't expect to get emotional during the run, but thinking about achieving a life long goal, feeling the pain, hearing the deafening noise of energetic spectators as I ran past the colleges, seeing the townsfolk of each small town coming out to cheer, and sensing the beauty as I entered Boston itself was so moving.

Jenny met me at the finish line. She couldn't actually see the finish because she couldn't get close enough, but she found me shortly thereafter. She and the other girls were receiving text messages through out the race when I passed certain check points. Doug tracked me on-line.

start photos compliments of Whitney

fellow runners... Stefanie from UT and Julienna's SIL

Whitney, Lindsey and Heather volunteered. Their job? Water girls!

The Mayflower

I have two different ancestors who came over on the Mayflower, so I was especially intrigued by the boat and the pioneers experiences crossing the ocean and first arriving in Plymouth.

The replica of the Mayflower is in the background.

Ready to defend the ship!

These baskets were kept in the water and were used to hold fish.

Sleeping Quarters

Porter would love this huge rope!

The kitchen stove

The captain

A shipmate

Captain's Living Quarters

A canoe carved from wood


We rented a car on Sunday, so we could get to church and explore New England. We drove up to Plymouth.

Beautiful Beaches

A statue in honor of the Indian who befriended the pilgrims

This is Plymouth Rock, it really isn't much to look at, but still cool to be at a place with so much historial significance!

The Sarcophagus in memory of the Pilgrims who died the first winter. They were buried together so the Indians wouldn't know how many lives were lost.


We went to church in a Singles Ward at Harvard. We were in good company with many visitors in for the marathon. I never thought I would get to see Harvard in person! The church was across the street from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's home. It was a beautiful part of town.
We returned to the area for dinner and happened upon a unique pizza parlor. We didn't have a bad meal the whole time we were there!

Little Italy

As we investigated things to do in Boston, we heard over and over again, eat in Little Italy. In this small section of town there were over 100 Italian restaurants. We chose Fiore's and we were not disappointed! We followed up dinner with pastries purchased from Mike's Pastries. Those did not disappoint either!

The Freedom Trail

We spent the rest of the day on Saturday on Boston's historic walking trail, "The Freedom Trail." The trail led us to many of Boston's must sees from American History.


Old North Church

Paul Revere Statue

I was surprised at how European Boston looks. I mean, it makes sense when you think about, it was built by the English. But I didn't anticipate the many moments I would have reminding me of my days in France walking about the city and riding the subway.