Monday, March 30, 2009

Wendy Olrich-my thoughts on her quotes from TOFW

Thoughts on perfection... and the efforts to reach that state...

"How long would you play an instrument if you stopped when you hit a wrong note? "

What a powerful analogy this is for me. What a silly question. We all know that no one will reach any level of proficiency in a musical instrument unless they practice, practice, practice. Through that practice they will hit many, many, many wrong notes. No one begrudges those mistakes or thinks the musician lacking any potential because of those wrong notes. On the contrary, the sour notes come with the territory of improvement.

So why do I expect myself to reach perfection without any practice? Why do I expect myself to not make any mistakes on my road to salvation?

And on the flip side, why would I expect those around me to be fault free as well? We're all in it together, hitting wrong notes, saying the wrong things, doing the wrong things as we work towards our goal of becoming more like our Heavenly Father. That includes my husband and my children as well... Sometimes we expect so much out of those we love, we forget to give them some much needed slack when they hit those wrong notes.

What a message of love and hope this one analogy painted for me. A message of forgiveness, tolerance and love of my own faults and weaknesses and for those of others.

"If something is worth doing it's worth doing badly while we learn to do it better. Things like patience, parenting, love."

"[Daily] Repentance is the plan-- it's not the back up plan." Heavenly Father gave us repentance, he gave us the atonement as a tool to use on our road to perfection because he knew we would need it.

"Forgiveness [of self and others] is giving up hope of having a better [or different] past." Isn't that beautiful? So often I find myself looking backing thinking I would feel better if only this had happened, or I wish this... Forgiveness of myself and of others is accepting, acknowledging and getting over the fact that the past can not change. Holding onto the hope for a better past will never yield a positive or healthy feeling.

"When we think 'I want to be the only one who never messes up' we are trying to live a plan like the one Satan presented." Fault free living. That is not Heavenly Father's plan.

Time Out For Women

Nikki, Larissa, Julie, Jane, Angela and Meigin
at Time out for Women
I want to blog about some of the things that touched me the most from TOFW, but I imagine it will take me several posts. The talks were so full of thought provoking ideas and scriptures that have given me much to ponder. I was blessed to be surrounded by close friends from my old and current ward. I love the strength of sisterhood!

Blue Bell Ice Cream

No trip to Brenhem is complete with out some authentic ice cream!

Blue Blossoms

Sophia's name for the Blue Bonnets is Blue Blossoms.
We celebrated my birthday by taking a trip out to enjoy them in full bloom. The fields full of wild flowers are absolutely breathtaking!

I had carefully planned coordinating outfits, but the wind was so cold I didn't have the heart to demand my children remove their jackets them just for the sake of several photos.

After the flowers, we enjoyed a brisk picnic, followed by ice cream, a stop at the outlet mall in Cypress (my husband loves me!), and Texas Roadhouse, making it a full and fulfilling day.

Sophia kept knocking me over and laughing and laughing at her strength and speed.

Preston and Sophia--friends

Preston helping Sophia wash her hair

I found Sophia in Preston's crib the other morning, reading him books.

lazy days

Adam, the hammock you brought us from Venezuela is getting some good use!

A visit from the V* family

Our spring break started with a visit from some of our favorite friends! We were next door, as close as you get neighbors back in the med center. Porter and Abbi used to be the best of friends. Porter used to call Abbi, my Abbio. Lindy and I spent many hours sitting on the couch, nursing our new babies (Sophia and Lilly now four years old) and solving the problems of the world.

We had a wonderful reunion filled with :

Fun and friendship

Porter entertaining the crew

Alex and Preston making messes

Loving on Bella, the dog we were dog sitting

Silly face and slumber parties!

We spent Monday at the newly revised Children's Museum.

Sophia refuses to leave the museum with out some face paint. Porter went Ninja style.
Look how sweet he and Abbi are, holding pinkies. The gender difference manifested itself the first three days of their visit, but on the last day, they rode to the museum together in my car while the little girls went together in Lindy's car. They overcame the gender thing, bonded, stuck together through out the museum, and ended with this cute gesture.

Preston and Alex found this sink, just their size in the Tot Spot. For them, I think it was the highlight. They would have played here all day, had we allowed it!

Checking out the big kid only stuff!

Lindy shared her bow making skills with me. We stayed up until four in the morning making bows and talk talk talking! Lindy is a deep thinker and I always feel smarter and more enlightened after talking to her!

We also squeezed in a trip to IKEA (a day long trip-whew, can that girl shop!) and Time our for Women. Please Please Please Come back any time!!!!