Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Meet Scout

Sophia walked around all day saying, "I can't believe my wish came true."
Porter walked around all day saying, "I feel like I'm living in a dream."
Preston has woken us up each before 6 am each morning since
Christmas saying "Where's my dog? I want my dog!"

Yes, I gave in and allowed Santa to bestow a living, breathing, pooping and peeing creature upon our household. I'm still undecided on whether or not it was a good idea. Time will tell... I guess I kind of thought it would be like it is with babies. I'm not a big baby person, but I'm a baby person when it's my baby... I'm not a big dog person, but I thought maybe if it was my dog I would be... not so much... Maybe he'll grow on me... but first he has to stop peeing on my carpet.

To my children and my husband, however, it was love at first sight!

Doug told the kids he needed to get the video camera ready. So he came down stairs and found the dog in his crate, he let him out and as I brought the kids down the stairs, he was sitting with the dog by the tree. All the kids froze, stunned... the silence seemed to last forever... I could have heard a pin drop... at last Preston found his voice- it's a dog! He exclaimed. Then Porter yelled awesome, and bounded down the stairs. Sophia started squealing, and didn't stop for a long time after she greeted the dog. Preston kept telling us the dog was hungry (funny, because Preston is always hungry first thing in the morning). There was much joy on both the dogs end and the kids end.

So far, the kids are caring for the dog. Porter is the poop scooper. He complained on day 2, I told him he didn't scoop the poop, the dog would have to go. He hasn't complained since. Sophia is the dog feeder and the dog groomer. And Preston, he just plays with the dog, I think he's played with him the most so far. I hear lots and lots of giggles and chasing (not sure who is chasing who) when they're together.

Christmas Morning

Christmas Eve

As tradition would have it, we spent our Christmas Eve with a nice a dinner, a reading of the Christmas story, singing carols, Porter and Sophia in piano concert, and the opening of one present, the contents being new jammies and a book... Porter was absent from the photos, due to some disappointment regarding the jammies he received, he really wanted one with feet, like Preston's... however, after a short cooling off and a few tears, he recovered and expressed gratitude for his gifts... smart boy...


Eagerly waiting to see Santa at the ward Christmas party

our first two year child to greet Santa with smiles, not tears

Santa: And what would you like for Christmas?
Sophia: A dog
Santa: A dog? What kind of a dog?
Sophia: A real one
Santa: Hmmm, I think I have an extra one of those I can give you
Mommy (later): That Santa! I'll have to talk to him. You know Santa doesn't usually leave things like that... right?

Their Santa Lists for this year were:
Porter-- (he doesn't want much, does he?)
* a mini-beagle with a collar and a leash
* a mini motorcycle, that I can really ride
* a DS or a PSP with a lego star wars game
* a mountain bike
*a lego set-- star wars clone wars
*steel gloves
* $50
* rollar blades
* soda shooter
*nerf machine gun
* lego miner set w/lego rock and crystal guy
*fools gold
*spy set
*a ballerina jewlery box w/ a ballerina that pops up and spins around
(she cut out pictures of the following)
*a dog (yellow lab)
*jewlery boutique (beads and string to make bracelets)
*Moxy girl - to style hair

Uncle Adam!!!

Look how lucky we were this year! Uncle Adam came to visit us for Christmas.
It was so great to have family here for the holidays.
My kids were so thrilled, and eagerly anticipated his arrival.
We started his visit off with a trip to the zoo... Hopefully we didn't scare him off from ever having children. My wee ones were active and had a hard time agreeing on which animals to see and how long to stay at each respective exhibit... (some wanted to stay longer others wanted to stay shorter).
We opted for Christmas cookies and a movie at the movie theatre (a super special treat for my kids) on day 2 of his visit. Much more calm.
Day 3 brought Christmas Eve and Day 4 was Christmas.
Thanks so much for coming!!!

Christmas Sugar Cookies

Making sugar cookies is not my favorite thing to do...
for one, the mess that surrounds them is almost unbearable
and two, my kids don't eat them
But they love to decorate them,
and I figured it was a worthwhile way to express our creativity.
Sophia had so much fun she asked if we could make them for every holiday.... hmmm....

Pre-School Christmas Party

Sophia's Christmas Party....
She went all decked out in her Christmas dress
She painstakingly decorated her sugar cookie, ornament and Snowman frame
She delighted in the phone call Santa made to her class
So glad I didn't miss it!
I didn't miss Porter's either.
I just forgot the camera.
His party was mostly about the food...
Too many treats, but I was proud of him, I told him he could have two things, and had to save the rest for later. He only ate one treat, and I brought home two, yes two plates of goodies. Most kids ate their two plates in one sitting at the party!
They had a cute gift exchange with a 100 piece puzzle.
They played pin the nose on Rudolph.
They delighted in the holiday season.

Gingerbread House