Saturday, March 29, 2008


Doug had to go to Galveston for work... So we accompanied him on his journey, he dropped us off at the beach

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Sometimes it's hard to know what "the better part" is...
Here are just a few "choices" I've had to make within the last day ...

Do I clean the kitchen or go to B* with Doug?

Do I watch American Idol because it makes me happy or do I go to bed so I won't be so exhausted for a third day in a row?

Do I pick up the toys off the floor or look for the missing hermit crab (who's been missing for three days now, and I still haven't had time to look hard for him)?

Do I clean up the pee Sophia got on the bathroom floor yesterday or put away the mountain of laundry that's been folded since Tuesday?

Do I make my visiting teaching appointments (yes, I know it's the end of the month) or get the car inspected (I just noticed yesterday that the inspection inspired last month)?

Do I give the kids a bath because they're smelly or do I get them in bed on time, well almost on time?

Do I go running so I don't go crazy or do I read my scriptures so I can have much longed for peace in my life?

Do I pick one thing and do it or do I blog about it?

I think I have too much to do...

The Glass Castle

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

If you want to feel like maybe you're not such a terrible parent after all, read this book. An unbelievable story of the resiliency of children and the powers of forgiveness and love and family. I just keep thinking about it.

The author is such a great example of rising above ones circumstances and moving beyond past grievances, rather than excusing and justifying ones current situation and issues on ones past. Jeanette Walls tells her story with out judging or blaming or hating. It's inspiring to read how the author and her siblings take control of their lives and don't expect anyone else to help them; they help themselves, and they make a better life for themselves.

Difficult to read about the poverty level circumstances that exist in the United States. This is a memoir, and it's so well written, but the author does quote her father word for word, so there's some language, especially in the beginning, or maybe I just got more skilled at skipping over it/tuning it out. That said, I found it a very worthwhile read.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We were lucky enough to be invited up for a night of camping with the J* Family. We had such a great time. Beautiful weather, fresh air, lots of green, good company, good food, a family baseball game, a campground hosted family dance, happy kiddos... a perfect camping trip!

Doug's helpers

Porter loved exploring

A Bicycle Built For Five

We rented this fun contraption for an hour during our camping trip. When Porter asked if we could splurge, our first response was "No." It's automatic, we say no to everything... But upon further consideration, we decided it really would be fun and worth the family memory... and it was! We laughed a ton and Doug and I got a good workout powering those peddles!

Easter Egg Hunts

We attended a playgroup sponsored egg hunt... So fun, but I forgot to take my camera!

We also orchestrated one for our camping trip. Like they needed any more candy!


Doug had to go to Galveston for work... So we accompanied him on his journey, he dropped us off at the beach... We played while he worked.
My kids were so happy with the sand and the sun. It was colder than it looked, so I kept them out of the water until the very end. I didn't want to be stuck with cranky icicles for children.
Instead we spent out time building sand mountains and tracing large shapes and road ways in the sand.
Preston's at a tricky beach age. He just wanted to get down and get dirty, with no heed to the amount of sand consumed. He stuck to my arms, even though he wasn't happy about it.
All in all a happy beach day!

Pump It Up!

More Spring Break Fun!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Break

I love Spring Break!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kindergarten Rodeo

My Little Buckeroo

The Chuckwagon Race

The Snake Pit

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Valentines Dance Pictures

photos by brekke


We went to Lake H* State Park for a stake picnic last weekend. It was a little chilly for H* but still fun. We went on a hike, the brochure erroneously cited it as a 1/2 mile hike. After trekking through much mud we finally made our way through, identifying 16 different marked trees along the way. The kids declared it their favorite part of the day.

Grandpa Jack

One day after grandma left, grandpa jack came again. He installed a whole house filter system, and some new lights. He was busy, and we were grateful for the home improvements! On Sunday evening he took some time off to go on a little walk with us.

Preston 9 month stats

Weight........... 19 1/2 lbs.............. 25%

Height...............27 1/2 in..............25%

Head Circ..................17 3/4..................?%

I was surprised at his percentiles... doesn't he look bigger than the 25%??? Doug affectionately calls him our football player. He was also diagnosed with Thrush, I've never had a baby with thrush before, no wonder nursing has been more than a little painful! Hopefully the medicine we got will clear things right up.

The Hermit Crab Crawl

Porter noticed that Preston's crawl is similar to that of a Hermit Crab... Here's the proof!

Bal-le-let (Sophia's pronunciation of her new fav. past time)

We attended our first long awaited for, much anticipated ballet class yesterday... What fun! Sophia was in heaven... Raising her hand to answer every question. First in line to begin the class. The first thing she asked me this morning was if she had ballet class today. She was quite angry when I answered in the negative.

Glitz and Glam

I took Sophia to get her haircut at the cutest little girl salon.

Sophia called her haircut her short cut... close, I guess.

I was tempted to stack it in the back, but we've worked a long time to get her hair all one length, and last time we cut it, she immediately started asking me to put it in a pony tail... She'd loudly protested any mention of hair accessories before that. Her friend Madison has long hair, and Sophia has decided that she, too, would like long hair. So we're going to grow it out a little.

But I wanted to get her hair evened out. Her hair is a non-uniform mix of straight and curly hair, so it's tricky to make it look even. We have yet to be successful in getting a good hair cut. But this time they put some light layers in the bottom, and so far it's so cute!

Before, in a pink robe

Note the manicure, she selected a bright pink polish, of course!

Reading a princess magazine while her stylist works her magic

After, enjoying a drink, another princess magazine, and relaxing in the pink chair
She was treated like a princess!
What a fun mommy daughter date!