Wednesday, February 27, 2008

sophia's words


litter-- glittering

yoga mat-- eggo mat
spagetti sauce=salsa

waiting for the train... mom is fuming, because we're late thanks to porter's resistence to get into the car, she screeches to a halt as the bar comes down in front of her... a few not so nice words to porter... as we wait the train stops... sophia sighs, and says, "this is going to take longer then I thought." i've been laughing at that line all day, even during body flow I started giggling... what a peacemaker she is it totally took the edge off my bad mood.

First Tooth

Preston pushed up his first tooth last week. I noticed the pearly white peeking through his gum on Wednesday... No wonder he was so cranky the first part of the week. I had attributed it to an ear infection, but his tooth must had compounded his discomfort. He's normally a happy little guy, but he was over the top smiley and laughing on Wednesday... I think he was rejoicing in how much better he felt. I love him so much. He puts sugar into my day every day. I am so lucky to be his mom!

a divine purpose

I used to have this quote on my fridge I rediscovered it as I was cleaning yesterday. It gives me strength and reminds me of my purpose...

You are here on earth for a divine purpose. It is not to be endlessly entertained or to be constantly in full pursuit of pleasure. You are here to be tried, to prove yourself so that you can receive the additional blessings God has for you... The Lord is intent on your personal growth and development...... Richard G. Scott

Monday, February 25, 2008

So close...

... to crawling. The kids are working with him. Putting objects just out of his reach, and really making him work to retrieve the coveted object.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Grateful Sunday

* Two old friends called tonight, completely out of the blue. It's made me a little nostalgic. I have met so many amazing people in my life, people that I really love, and I wish I could keep in better contact with everyone! But tonight I had a great time chatting with Lindy and Monica. I love it when you can pick up and start talking like you just saw each other yesterday!

* My busy month of Primary commitments came to a close tonight. I feel like my work in Primary truly goes in waves. I taught Sharing Time this month. Our quarterly activity was this month, while I wasn't in charge, I did help. Tonight we had our Great to be Eight Baptism Preview fireside. I was so excited about it. I help coordinate the youth baptisms and so I was in charge of the fireside. It went well. It was nice to talk to the parents and kids about what to expect, and how to prepare. I compiled a booklet for them including FHE lessons, Friend articles about baptism, and answers to questions they may have regarding baptism. I am also grateful for my wonderful husband. I could not fulfil my calling without his support.

* Baby sitting trades. I love lots of date nights. Regular baby sitting trades seems to ensure that it happens!

* Ensign articles. This last week we started something I read about in the Ensign. As part of our Love at Home month I thought a little more quality dinner conversation would be nice. We've been going around the dinner table and sharing one positive and one negative thing that happened everyday. It's really helps give us some conversation fodder, and insight into what our children are thinking and doing, and what's important to then. Doug questioned why I wanted to have us share a negative thing. I want our kids to talk about and share the good and the bad. This opens that door. I want to expand it to encorporate what Elder Eyring spoke about at conference, in helping your family look for the blessings of the Lord in their lives, and identifying them as such.

* Prayer. That's the only way I am going to be able to figure out which pre-school to put Sophia into next year. I am really torn, and am not sure which one's best for her.

* Courage. I had the courage to go to the HOA meeting in my neighborhood this week. Not only did I go, but I had the courage to speak up. I was by far the youngest one there. There are many young families in my neighborhood, but the people who attend the meetings are older. Therefore the young families are severely underrepresented. I asked for a fence around our playground, some swings in the playground, and morning hours at our pool. I was able to find out who to direct my lifeguard complaints to (they are just young teenagers, but I don't think that gives them to act as immature as they do somestimes!) Over all, it was a very productive use of my time. Now I'll have to see if it yields any results. But it felt good to voice some of my concerns to someone who can make changes, rather than complain just for the sake of complaining.

*Dancing. Tara B. from HP* ward asked us to come give a little dance lesson at their wards post Valentines dance. I don't know how our lesson went, but the dance was so fun. We love to dance and don't get to go often enough. We brought the kids in for the last few minutes, they loved it too, we have lots of dance parties in my bedroom, but this was a real dance party!

*Books. I love to read to my kids.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

engagement rings

I should be preparing sharing time for tomorrow... but while I wait for inspiration I thought I'd announce my baby brother's good news. He's getting married June 7th! He gave her her ring and officially proposed tonight. I love his girl-friend, and I am so exicted to have her as a sister-in-law. They make such a good match. I got to spend time with her last summer, and really enjoyed her. Yeah! What happy news.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

baseball practice

Porter's first baseball practice was last night... We have another one on Thursday night... And another one on Saturday... Are they crazy??? The first game is over one month away. These kids are only six... I thought that this league was playing for the love of the game... I feel like everyone everywhere's trying to burn out our kids... From school to sports... Push, push, push... what happened to just being a kid?

Heritage Days

Monday, February 18, 2008

Family Home Evening

I love the FHE lessons from the LDS Living Magazine website. I love them because they have a wide variety of topics and they are simple... a song, scripture, lesson game, and recipe. They are so user friendly! Since our family goal is love at home, I went in at the beginning of the month and printed 4 lessons I liked on the subject, and we've been set. You can also sign up and have one lesson emailed to you every Monday. When Doug's in charge, which is most Mondays, he usually prints the one they email. I feel like our FHE planning is less stressful now, and our lessons have a little more substance.

While I'm on the subject of LDS websites, I love Sugardoodle for helping me plan Sharing Time. The author links to The Friend aricle and Deseret Book, and then she includes some of her own original ideas and ideas that other people submit. Sometimes I use her ideas and sometimes her ideas just spark another idea in my mind.

As I've been planning our ward's Great to Be Eight Baptism Preview fireside, Sugardoodle linked me over to The Idea Door. The handouts I found here were amazing, and saved me HOURS of time. No need to recreate the wheel when someone else has already gone to the work. How grateful I am that who ever created these handouts was willing to share!

Friday, February 15, 2008

family fitness

One of our New Year's Resolutions was to run together as a family on Saturday. The tire fell of my trust jogging stroller (three kids was certainly exceeding the weight limit!) Luckily, our bike trailer adapts into a stroller, and it actually makes a more comfortable ride for three kiddos. Doug is lucky one to push them all along.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Grateful Sunday

* One great big primary quarterly activity done... 60 kids (nursery age included) + 10 ish leaders + one double booked gym (double booked with 150 single adults for their chili cook-off... can you say security NIGHTMARE! And I was paranoid just having our own YM/YW helping)= a FULL temple session (they had to pull in extra chairs) and a presidency who learned we can roll with the punches and still come out on top (even if every child had to be personally escorted to the bathroom!)

* Beautiful Texas Weather!

Thursday, February 07, 2008


I went to a modbe party tonight. Usually the only reason I attend a home shopping party is to be nice to the hostess, not because I am interested or able to buy the products being sold. But tonight I went because I really wanted to see the new swimming suit line... so cute. But now I, being the kind of shopper I am, want to make sure I am getting the the cutest suit I can find. Is it a modbe suit, or are there other great ones out there? Has anyone found other great, modest swimsuit distributors?

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Student of Week

photos by Kelsey Call

Porter is student of the week. His teacher sent home a few questions for him to answer, and we sent a few pictures of him for display. His answers to the questions are as follows:

* My favorite book-- The Magic Treehouse Books

* My favorite animal-- cheetah

* My favorite food-- Pizza

* What I do well-- Sports

* My wish-- is to be a spy for the FBI and tackle bad guys

* A person I admire-- God

* What I like most about our school-- Recess

Grateful Sunday

* We all had the stomach flu on Saturday, every last one of us. But I was so grateful regarding the timing... If we all had to get sick, at least we all got sick around the same time. It was a quick bug, and we've been eating crackers and toast all day today. I didn't dare take any kids to church. Once I get through the mountain of laundry, we'll be good to go.

* I did the happy dance on Friday as we left the dentist office. Neither Porter nor Sophia had a cavity. Halleluah! We have paid an enormous amount of money to the dentist in a few short years; apparently, my kids have teeth which are very prone to decay. Now that we know that, our night time routine includes: brushing, flossing, rinsing with ACT , and applying prevident on one of Porter's teeth (one with very weak enamel.) They brush in the morning and chew sugarless gum like crazy the rest of the day. Whew... but it paid off! I told my kids I would do the happy dance if they didn't have any cavities, they held me to it, and dance I did.

* Girls night out. It's been a long time, but it was so fun to go to Pei Wei and watch 27 Dresses. The movies just a one timer, but it was fun to be out and nice to enjoy it uninterupted.

* Doug and I have started reading a book together for a few minute before we go to bed. It's so fun! I am really enjoying this new tradition.

* Fabulous meeting with the principal of Porter's school. Things are looking good for an earlier release time next year and for more recess. We also talked to her about fundraisers and the school lunch room (each entire blog entries to come). She asked us if we'd like to be on site based committee next year, I answered absolutely yes!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Happy Dance

I took my kids to the dentist for a check up... no cavities! It's a miracle. I got out of there spending under $150... That has never happened... I told my kids if they didn't have any cavities I was going to do the happy dance, and dance I did!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Love is Spoken Here

I've thought a lot about how to help my family progress forward instead of staying stagnant or moving backwards... So I decided that we are going to pick on topic or theme a month and focus on improving in that area... I'm going to put some quotes on the refridgerator, focus our Family Home Evenings, include the goal in our prayers, and just try to make the topic a priority in our daily discussions. We probably should have been doing this for a long time, but since I just thought of it, we're starting now. Better late than never.

With the onset of February, and in honor of Valentines Day, our first family goal is:


I feel like I need to be more loving with my children, primarily when they're misbehaving or when I'm tired, which coincidentally seems to happen at the same time, making it doubly difficult for me to keep from getting frustrated, and not modeling kindness.

I just think it's so important for my home to be a safe and loving haven for my children and for my family. The world can be so cruel, I want my home to be the one place we can come and escape from hard things, frustrations, and critisms. I want there to be respect and love and safety. I want the spirit to dwell in my home, and I want my children to be able to feel and benefit from that spirit at all times. I think speaking kind words (kid to kid, parent to kid, and kid to parent) is an instrumental part of my quest to creating a safe haven from the world.

I think in order to achieve the goal of: love is spoken here, I'll be setting some smaller goals. For example, I think along with talking about it in FHE, praying for it, and putting up some reminders around the house, another one of my goals for the month will be to have an after school activity planned for us to do when Porter gets home. Yesterday I bought a little Gingerbread house on Christmas clearance at Michaels, and we had so much fun putting it together. We're all tired in the afternoon, and Porter' usually pretty grumpy, so I know constructively channeling some of that energy will be beneficial to our family. Maybe I'll need to include preparing dinner early into this category as well.

I'm also trying to get up earlier so I can get my scripture study and blogging in before my kids wake up. I think this will be helpful so I'm less distracted at other times of the day. I won't get irritated if I get interrupted, and I'll be able to quickly jump in and help my kids "speak kind words to each other" as needed. Knowing I've already read my scriptures, and not trying to squeeze it in at other random times during the day will give me peace, not to mention the strength that I get from having read period.

As I think of my mini-goals, I'll try and post them, I think it will motivate me more to know that they're published, rather than to just keep them inside of my head.

Wish me luck!