Friday, June 29, 2007


It's been one of those weeks... we all, even the baby, have caught a cold. It's so hard to listen to little Preston try to eat, gasp for breath... suck... suck... choke... gasp for breath... I just have a pit in the bottom of my stomach worrying about him. He's too young to be sick!

Along with colds Porter has had pink eye (none of my kids have ever had pink eye before) and an ear infection (it's been years since he had one of those!) and Sophia had diarrhea... Which she announced to be by running up to me and declaring, "Mommy, there's diarrhea on the floor!" Yeah... fortunately she made it to the bathroom, she just couldn't get onto the toilet in time.

She's doing better today, but here's the poop story of the day... (hey it's just part of being a mom, isn't it?) Porter was doing his business in the kid bathroom, when Sophia decided she had some business to do as well... Instead of selecting one of the other two available toilets, the ever resourceful and creative Porter gave her a bucket to use in the bathtub, which she tipped over as soon as she'd filled it up... Yeah... gross! Doug and I had a good laugh about it when I described the whole scenario for him ( I waited until after the kids had gone to bed to tell him, so as not to hurt any tender feelings, or give any incentives to repeat the experience!)


I saw this idea on the blogs of Audra, Tara, and Mindy... among others... You type in your Name and Needs into a Google Search... It's fun to see what pops up, some of them are so random and others are surprising applicable~

Angela needs help. ...amen!

Angela needs to constantly "feel" the presence of God. again... amen!

Angela needs a family who will access and work with a therapist. I've always said when we can afford it I would LOVE to get therapy... I think everyone can benefit from a little professional Help :)

Angela needs a psychiatric evaluation.

Angela desperately needs a family that can provide her with a great deal of patience and understanding. ... I already have that...

Angela needs financial support for her study. ...if only I knew what I really wanted to study in school... it's a good think I just stuck with English, if I'd waited until I figured out what I really wanted to major in to declare, I'd still be degreeless!

Angela needs to be in the school. no, I'd rather be right where I am! Maybe someday I'll go back to school for a master's degree, and I'm glad I had the chance to teach because I know that I'm not missing ANYTHING by staying at home with my cute kiddos!

Angela needs some Advice. depends on who it's from...

Angela needs hearing aids. ... no, but my dad might! Just kidding Dad!

Angela needs a job. I already have one that keeps me busy 24/7

Angela needs a cookie. I agree.

Angela needs to go to bed earlier. With that said, I should publish and log off!

Angela needs to get her hair in line... any suggestions of what will help?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sibling Power

Sister Love

This last one is kind of random, I know... She's checking to see if the cause of his crying is a messy diaper... She learns quick!

My Cute Boys

Blogging VS Sleeping

Each time I've thought about blogging in the last couple of weeks, I've remembered what Lindy said shortly after she had Alex, in defense of not posting for a while... it was something along the lines of... when I must choose between blogging and sleeping... it's not a hard decision... Amen Lindy... Amen!

But I couldn't let more time go by without posting some pictures of the cute little guy who's been keeping me so busy and tired! Isn't he cute?


Sophie started to stutter shortly after Preston was born... so cute...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The Cape

Mom: Grandma's flying in today...

Sophie: With a cape? (shock, excitement, marvel)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad

My dad's birthday was at the beginning of the month, and we thought it would be fun to have Preston on my dad's birthday... but I guess he wanted his own birthday!

I love my dad so much and he's set such a good example for me... he works so hard... he has such a fun sense of humor... he loves my mom... he loves his kids... he loves music from the 50's and 60's... he loves sci-fi movies... he loves western literature... he loves old cars...

Happy Birthday Dad!

Grateful Sunday

I am grateful for:

* My mom who came and stayed with us for two and a half weeks. She helped out so much before and after the baby came... We couldn't have managed without her... Thanks Mom!

* Time off from work... Doug's boss gave him a week off, and in the world of billable hours, that was huge! It was so nice to have Doug home to help too. Between Doug and my mom being around so much, I got some good rest in.

* Kissable baby toes, baby fingers, baby noses...

Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Surprise

Is the gender surprise better at 20 weeks... or 40 weeks??? Having done both, I've decided, that for me, the surprise is more exciting at 20 weeks... By the time Preston was born, I was just glad it was over... when they told me, It's a Boy! I didn't care one way or the other, I was just glad the baby, he or she, was delivered.

I think finding out at 20 weeks with the other kids gave me a chance to get excited about something in the middle of the pregnancy, while finding out the gender at the end was a little anti-climactic, compared to the miracle of birth itself. I also felt it a little easier to bond with the babe in utero when I knew the gender.

Not to mention preparation... I like to feel prepared, and there's not a whole lot I could do in advance, although with having a boy and girl already it wasn't a big deal. However, the main preparation issue was selecting a name. We had a list for both genders, and I while I was pretty certain about a girl's name, I was never sold on a boys name. And while, in retrospect, I should have spent more time worrying about it (at the time I felt like I spent plenty of time looking) part of me kept thinking, maybe I won't even need a boy's name. Why stress out so much on something I won't even need? It was hard for me to pick a name for sure in the short time we were in the hospital... In fact, I still look at him and wonder, (much to Doug's mortification... he doesn't want to go through the hassle of changing the name), if we should have named him something different.
Don't get me wrong, I am glad that we tried the delivery room surprise. If we hadn't, I would always feel like I had missed out on one life's big surprises, or that I had cheated myself out of a unique experience. I think it was neat for Doug and it was fun to do something a little different. But now I know for next time, and Doug, while happy either way, agrees next time, we'll take our surprise a little earlier!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Birth Story

Preston, three days old...

So, the details on Preston's birth...

My mom came one week before he was due, to spend time with my kids, to help me out during the last week (which, for me, is always a little more difficult then the previous weeks), and to be with me so I wouldn't be alone, lest things progressed quickly this time. We spent the time entertaining the kids with the zoo, story time at Wendy's, the pool, cleaning the house one last time, etc... While one of the partners at my OB office had talked about inducing me early due to the gestational diabetes, my OB, who wasn't entirely convinced that I was truly a gestational diabetic, agreed to let me see if I would go into labor spontaneously. Neither one of us thought the baby was going to be big... So I was just waiting...

The OB office had my due date as May 29, based on the first day of my last period (but I wasn't sure that I remembered the date correctly), and the ultrasound showed my due date to be May 31. On Tuesday night, Doug and I took the kids out in the neighborhood for a very long walk in hopes that my labor would start, as much I was dreading the experience, I was getting tired of anticipating it, and was getting to the point where I just wanted it to be over! That night my contractions started around one o'clock. I was exhausted, and kept hoping they would stop, and start again in the morning... no luck...

The contractions weren't terribly painful, and they were kind of sporadic. Four to six minutes apart, lasting 30 or 40 seconds. I wasn't sure that this was the real thing. I packed, I guess with such fervor, that I woke Doug up. Then we camped out on the couch.

I hated to go to the hospital unless I was sure it was the real thing... and I preferred to labor in the calm of my living room, then to the harsh lights and IV of the hospital... my contractions started to get farther and farther apart, Doug and I were both falling asleep on the couch between contractions... after a twenty minute break, I had a contraction that literally threw me up in the air and off the couch the time was around 4:20 am ... I had two more very painful contractions, one right after the other, and Doug insisted with a kind of panicked voice that we leave for the hospital immediately... which we did...

Thank goodness Doug was home and my mom was in town... by this time I knew for sure this was the real thing, but things happened so quickly after that, that had I been alone, things would have been very ugly! Doug might not have made it to the hospital... Having my mom already there allowed us to leave right when we needed to, otherwise we would have had to call someone to come sit with our kids. Not a big deal, plenty of people offered, but I wouldn't have wanted to wake anyone up until I knew it was real, and by that time, time was of the essence, waiting for someone to come before we could leave would have been excrutiating and dangerous!

My contractions were close together, very intense, and I felt a lot of pressure... I just kept asking him to "Please hurry" and to "Please drive faster." I was worried we'd already waited too long to go to the hospital. I know I would have been in less pain, if I could have forced myself to relax, but I stayed tense, because I didn't want to deliver the baby in the car, and at the hospital I stayed tense until my OB came, because I didn't want the nurses to deliver the baby either (Doug, of course, has a case right now where the nurse had to deliver the baby... it didn't end well).

We arrived to the hospital around 4:30. By the time they finally got me checked into the hospital and in a room, I don't know the time, but I was at an 8. No time for an epidural. My blessed OB came right when the hospital called her, I had told her how fast Sophia came, and she arrived within ten minutes. Just as she walked in the door, I wasbegging to push. After 15 minutes of hard pushing I delivered my big baby boy... at 5:40 am.

He weighed 8 pounds 8 ounces, almost a pound and a half bigger than my other two kids. And I felt it. I really had to work to get him out. I felt so much resistance as he was coming down. While delivering Sophia was painful, I felt her falling through me, but she just slipped out of me when I pushed... not Preston! I've delivered all of my babies naturally, but I felt more with him than with the others... this is the first time I'd felt the ring of fire, the tearing, etc... wow... so glad it's over!!! While my labor with Sophia was faster, the amount of time in actual real pain was similar, Preston's taking a little longer due to the extra pushing.

The amazing part about it is, as soon as he was delivered, I felt so much better. I was amazed that I survived childbirth again, and I was in awe of this little life that had come out of me... I think I got so caught up in surviving the health challenges of my pregnancy, I didn't really focus on the reasons why I was enduring... I was making a baby! I'm still a little bit in shock that I have another baby... I'm not quite sure how I'm going to care for three (my mom is still here, so I haven't had to do anything by myself)... But I didn't worry about that in the hospital... I just enjoyed the time I had with my new baby and with Doug, it really is one of my favorite experiences, those two days in the hospital with a new baby. All drugged up, so the pain is minimal if at all present, and the euphoria of childbirth hanging over me, with nothing to worry about, except being with my baby and my husband ... love it!

Saturday, June 02, 2007