Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sophia's First Real Haircut

I've tried to cut Sophia's hair before, but because I have no idea what I'm doing, I didn't cut with confidence, so when I was done, it didn't really look like I'd done anything...

I finally decided that as much as I loved the curls in the back of her hair, the sides were so scraggly, that we might as well try to cut it all off to about the same length, and start anew...

I had hoped that going to a place specializing in children's haircuts would help the experience be pleasant and fun for her, I was wrong...

Despite a catchy movie clip, cool colorful chairs, and promises of rewards, she screamed almost the entire time.

Luckily they were able to seat belt her into her chair, so there was no escaping.

Porter the cheerleader.

She finally accepted a sucker to console her towards the end.

Here she is, with her cute new hair, a bag holding a sample of her curls, and her prize!
Since her haircut, even if she won't let me put ponies or clippies in, it looks more cared for, and for Sundays she even lets me blow dry and curl it. We're still growing bangs out, so if we can get them to dry to the side, we have less hair in the eye syndrome.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Grateful Sunday

Today I am grateful for:

* The family walk we were able to take in this uncharacteristically pleasant April weather!

* The nap Doug let me take while he got dinner on the table... I woke up so rested that while I've tried, I have been unable to go to sleep tonight (I know the post will say Monday, but technically I'm still in Sunday)... but I got caught up on every one's blogs!

* My mom's plane tickets are purchased, she's coming at the end of May early enough that if they make me get induced a week early she'll be early, but if they let me go to my due date, we'll be able to do some fun things together.

* The talks in sacrament meeting about finding Refuge from the Storm (of the world we live in) in our families, wards and stakes. I so much want my home to be safe haven from the world. A place where my children want to be and where they feel safe and secure and loved... I'm grateful for the gospel and for the tools that it gives me to try to create that kind of environment in my home... And I'm grateful for a husband who shares the same goals as I in creating a home where the spirit can dwell, and he's so good at inviting that spirit!

Goals for the week:

* Go through the rest of our closets... our neighborhood is having a community wide yard sale next Saturday, and I am anxious to de-clutter everything! What we don't sell will go straight to Good-Will. It's just nice to have a deadline for when my de-cluttering has to be done!

* Frankly I think my first goal will take all of the energy I have to accomplish!

* While I'm following my diet, my blood sugars are starting to creep up, so I guess another goal of mine is to figure out what's triggering the climb, and make some changes!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Free Time...

At a stake leadership meeting last night Pres. R* (Channing's dad) urged us to simplify... not so that we could have more "free time" but so that we could have more time to be with our families, and develop our own personal worthiness through scripture study and prayer... Not so we could waste time doing things that are of no worth...

He used the example of watching American Idol... now I don't think I'll be giving up that habit... but the concept has given me a lot to think about. How am I using the little free time I have? I know that I spend some of my precious free time on things that don't matter, like right now, maybe instead of being on the computer, I should be going to bed so that when I kneel down to say my prayers I won't be so tired that my prayer comes out with little rhyme or reason or thought put into it.

I think the concept can also be applied to energy. I've found myself thinking lately, I'll do these things now, and take the kids on a bike ride later... But when later comes, I don't have any more energy to go on that bike ride. For example, errands must be run, but I've pretty much given up store browsing, because then that's all I do while Porter is at school... then when he gets home I don't have the energy to do anything constructive with him or his sister... on top of that I am grouchy because I'm worn out.

I know we all crave more "free time" but the point of less meetings and simple lessons is not to give ourselves more time to waste, the brethren have tried to urge us to to do these things in order to enable us to have more time to spend on things of worth... our personal worthiness and our families. Pondering this theory brings on a whole new onslaught of issues... what are worthwhile things??? how do I balance me time with family time??? But I think it's worth taking the time to ask these questions and have a little self evaluation... Now if only I could find the time to think about it :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

"Yes ma'am"

Growing up in a small town in Idaho, "Yes sir" and "Yes ma'am" were not taught to me as part of my vocabulary. Parents nor teachers insisted on being answered in such a proper manner.... In fact, I remember being surprised at hearing it so much when I first moved to Texas. It's not something I've tried to instill in my children. Honestly, I haven't even thought about it.

However, Porter has learned it in school. Hearing him say "Yes sir" or "Yes ma'am" still stops me in tracks, and I think, "...Was that my child who just said that?" So you can imagine my surprise when, yesterday after trying to correct Sophia and asking her, "Do you understand?" she responded with, what she must have learned from her brother, a very polite, "Yes ma'am."

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I don't want to be Flushed Away

I haven't seen this movie yet, so I can't say whether or not I think it's kid appropriate, but Doug watched it with Porter and Sophia. I think they enjoyed it. However, every time Sophia walks by a drain she looks at me with all seriousness and says, "Mommy, I don't want to be flushed away..."

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Thanks to last weekend's Good Friday, Doug had the day off of work, his soft ball game was cancelled, and Porter's soccer game and practice was cancelled as well. We took the opportunity to go camping. It was so fun to be outside, in nature with our kids. They (especially Porter) eagerly anticipated the trip, and they both seemed to really enjoy the trip.

Thanks to a good air mattress, I fared well during the night, except when both kids decided that the air mattress would be a more comfortable place for them to sleep as well... can't say that I blame them, but then I was just squished! It was nice to have nothing to do except be together, no cleaning or laundry or cooking calling my name...

Doug did ALL of the work, for setting up camp to cooking, to taking down camp, so while Doug came home exhausted, I came home well rested! Thanks honey!

A little baseball practice and instruction...

There are some fun bike trails at the campground we went to. I know the picture isn't flattering, but I had to prove that I actually balanced my pregnant body on bike in an effort to join in the family fun!

Playing in the rocks

Fun in the swings!

Our camp site

Doug insisted I photograph our heavily laden van... We determined as he cautiously rounded every bend on the way to the campground, that need a bike rack!

Peter Pipers

With my new "diet" I've been trying to eat more of a variety of vegetables... I can only eat so much celery! One of my new mainstays are bell peppers... Sophia calls them "Peter Pipers." She came up with that all on her own...

Friday, April 13, 2007


In an effort to center Easter activities more on Christ and The Sabbath, and less on the Easter Bunny, we decided to ask the Easter Bunny to bring Sunday clothes and shoes for the kids instead of little toys... On Saturday night Porter told us very mater of factly that he couldn't wait for the Easter Bunny to bring him a transformer.... Doug and I looked at each other and then looked at Porter and asked him why he was so sure that the Easter bunny was bringing him a toy... He replied with confidence that he just knew he was... needless to say, the Easter bunny made a late night run to the store, lest the day start out on such a disappointed and sour note. Correct reasoning or not, it worked, and as a bonus, they turned out to be the perfect Sacrament toy. He got three tiny transformers, and he quietly worked on transforming them back and forth for the ENTIRE sacrament meeting.

We had dinner with some friends who invited us over, and during the chilly afternoon we had a little family Easter egg hunt. I, unfortunately neglected to take any photos, but the next day, my kids recreated the Easter egg hunt over and over and over again. Hiding the eggs and finding them. It made me so happy to look out back and see Porter helping Sophia find her eggs, it looked like he hid two in every spot, and they walked around together each putting an egg in their basket... It was a happy mom moment to see them getting along so well (it isn't always like that!)

On a humorous note, Sophia refused to wear her Easter dress to church on the grounds that it was Sunday, so she should be wearing a Sunday dress, not an Easter dress... reasoning with her was absolutely impossible. Her little literary brain could not or would not believe that an Easter dress could be both a Sunday dress and an Easter dress. In the end, I was just begging her to put SOMETHING on so we wouldn't be late to church!

I love Easter, for all it represents and reminds me of!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Think Pink

More cute things Sophie says:

Everything is pink to Sophia... She told me that she had a "pink fever." And that there was a "pink wasp" buzzing around outside... And she wants a "pink baby"...

She also keeps asking me: "When can we get the baby out of your tummy?"

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Birthday Party

For her 8th birthday, one of our friends and neighbors invited us to join her celebration at a local horse barn. Doug home teaches the family, and they invited us all to the party.

Porter was thrilled to have a turn riding the horse

Sophia changed her mind last second, so instead of riding the horse, she spent a lot of time petting them and giving them hugs!

The face painting was a hit! The whole next day, long after the heart had been washed away, she kept asking me to where her face painting has disappeared!

Porter and Sophia enjoying some cake at their own private table. There was a zip-line here as well, so Porter had his first experience on a zip-line...

Monday, April 09, 2007

What is your Temptation?

After watching a Veggie Tales on temptations (the characters each had a temptation, video games, vanity, and chocolate) Porter and I had a discussion about temptations. I described a temptation as something ( good or bad ) that keeps us from doing what we know we should be doing. I used kids shows as an example of his temptation... One or two a day are okay, but if he watches them all day instead of doing the other things he should do, they are a temptation. I told him that being on the computer too long is one of my temptations...

Several weeks after this conversation we were in the car and he started talking about temptations... He listed his as: kids shows and computer games... and then he went into mine... It was quite the list, including cleaning, going grocery shopping, doing laundry, exercising ... basically everything and anything that kept me from being available to play with him 24/7... If only cleaning were my temptation!!!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

There's a Butterfly in my Eye

During our recent camping trip Sophia kept insisting there was a butterfly in her eye. She kept asking me, "Please get the butterfly out of my eye." She patiently laid her head back on my lap while I searched diligently, but in vain for any sign of a butterfly, or any foreign object for that matter... When I was unsuccessful, she turned to her daddy, who repeated the process. He told her he found it, and got it out... and she went happily on her way... I love her imagination!

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Blue Bonnets

The is the only pose we could get out of Porter, but he thought of it all himself!

After some quick and intense exploring of the flowers, the rocks drew Porter away. The real trick was convincing him he could only take two home with him...

Lady Bug, Lady Bug, pretty pretty Lady Bug

Sophia, telling me again and again, about the mean ants that bit her feet. After he encounter with the ant pile, she insisted on sitting on my lap or on her daddy's lap...

The End of the Road...

Blue Bell Ice Cream

What's your favorite flavor? I really enjoy them all... and it's fun to try their new flavors, but my all time fav is Home Made Vanilla... Now if we're talking Ben and Jerry's it's a different story, I love the Chocolate Brownie Chunk ice cream...

Porter wore the hat for the whole tour... Sophia refused to don hers...
Notice the pile of spilled ice cream next to Sophia... Doug and I finally resolved to just laugh at the many, many spills that take place with her on a regular basis... Not surprising that her ice cream ended up on the ground... She's finishing my sugar-free ice cream, but she doesn't seem to mind the difference!

Happy Birthday to Me!

My actual birthday was rather uneventful, Porter woke me up in the morning, eager to give me my presents. As Doug was planning on giving them to me in the evening, they were unwrapped, but that didn't deter Porter. He found some boxes in the garage, and used them as wrapping paper. He unveiled them before I even had a chance to open my eyes fully. I think as an adult, birthdays can be somewhat overrated, but with a five year old around, some of the spark is definitely put back into the special day!

We went out to dinner that night, and Doug unwittingly sparked my first real urge to break my diet by telling me how he wished he could buy me an oreo fudge milk shake... I held strong though, rather than stopping by Sonic, we stopped at the store and picked out some sugar-free ice cream... it was my first exposure, and the chocolate was pretty good. Doug and the kids opted for real oreo ice-cream, they don't make a sugar free oreo ice cream, so my torture was prolonged watching them eat it. I had one bite, but Porter was really, really worried for me. He's my sugar police patrolman!

One strange thing about getting older, is I don't feel older. I still feel like I'm in my early twenties, I wonder if I will always feel like that! I feel old when I look at the milestones my children are crossing, but as far as actually feeling like I thought I would feel when I was in my thirties, I don't feel any different then when I was in my twenties... in fact, I think , in some respects, I actually feel better, healthier, and more confident.

While my actual birthday was rather quiet, we (meaning Doug, myself and the kids) celebrated the Friday afterwards. Doug planned a whole afternoon of activities. He worked from home in the morning, and then headed out to see the Blue Bonnets in full bloom, something we've never taken the time to do. They were as beautiful as everyone claims.

We also visited the ice cream factory, we've been once before when Porter was about two. I must say, I learned a lot more this time, because Porter was very attentive, unlike last time. Sophia has a longer attention span at age two then her brother did, and she likes to do everything Porter does... so because he was paying attention and standing still, she did too.

We also visited a monastery where the nuns raise miniature horses. Sophia talked all day about wanting to go feed the horses, so I was glad there was some long edible grass she was able to stick through the fence to the horses. The day was just perfect, filled with the kinds of activities I enjoy doing with my family. Thanks Doug for planning and executing the day!

Welcome Baby T*

Jenni and Brad welcomed their new baby boy into the world last week. Congratulations! Jenni had a planned c-section and it sounds like she's doing well. Emily adores her new brother!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Grateful Sunday

I am grateful for...

* General Conference Weekend-- What a blessing it is to hear modern day counsel for our times from our inspired leaders!

* Technology-- What a blessing it is to be able to enjoy conference from home!